Monday, August 1, 2011

Ben F.

All I can say right now is...
poor Ben F.!
Ouch. Double ouch. I hurt for him.

She really, really shouldn't have let him get down and ask.
She should have stopped him and at least told him he wasn't the one, right?
She should have given him some sort of clue.
I can't even watch his soft, vulnerable self right now.

I'm so glad I'm married.


  1. poor guy! why do the silly people on this show always pick the one who is rough around the edges. IT NEVER WORKS! BOO.

  2. Sounds bad, though I don't know what happened...but I think your hints are good enough. Did this poor guy suffer public humiliation...and was he set up? Ugh

  3. Hey Kathy, Ben was the guy who got rejected on the bachelor finale last night. it sounds silly, but it was really sad. The worst part was that she gave him no clue or heads up or anything. he was completely blindsided. she let him get down on one knee and everything... it just seemed mean