Friday, May 9

Sunday School Mural: Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go...

My church asked me to paint a mural in the two's room over spring break.
I haven't attempted to paint one in so long, so I was really nervous to start. 
Worst case: Paint over it. 
It ended up being really fun. I got to paint all morning for 
about a week over spring break while Josh played in the room.
He adopted a baby and named her Baby Chirp Chirp, of course.

First I made a sketch after talking to our children's director about what she wanted.

Then I came in and started.
I painted the whole picture with gesso first,
since the teal was so dark.
I wanted the colors to pop.

I have to admit,I had no idea what I was doing
or what it would end up looking like, 
or if it would even turn out. Thinking about the whole thing overwhelmed me.
So I just took baby steps forward. One by one.
A little gesso. 
A little paint. 
A little more paint. 
A little more detail.

Next step: color!

Next step: More color & add a little brown to the fence:

Next Step: Add some grass and detail.

Next up:

Add some critters:
birds, bees, ladybugs, caterpillars, and snails

Then I added this verse:

And finally, after a week... it is finished!



  1. Wow! What an awesome thing to do - what a blessing! So much fun, too. You're inspirational.