Friday, July 11

Plan B: Summer Survival

We've been surviving summer with a broken arm and 2 littles.
Limits on screen time are out the window, along with
any other ridiculous ideas, like getting outside and practicing writing our name.
SURVIVAL. survival is where we're at.
And I'm totally okay with that.

I have a list of house projects and art projects a mile long,
but I fall into Josh'y toddler bed at 7:30
and I'm down for the count most nights.
It's a wild summer, friends.

I did stay up until one the other night to do this:

So worth it. Makes me so happy to come home.
I painted the whole front part white and  invested in these shelves from Ikea.
It will be clean for at least one hour, until we start living...

And I moved Joshy from here:

into here:

which means I get my studio back.
{Insert big smile here.}
There's lots of work to be done, but I have a vision.

I started working on quilts for the boys' beds.
Inspiration found here.
The last time I attempted a quilt was at a Quilt in a Day class in college,
and it took me all 4 years to finish the quilt.
So... I'm hoping they'll be done by the time they
grow out of their toddler beds...

I've also finished a few other projects for the boys' room,
that I'll be sharing with you next week.
I can't wait to be done with their room so I can get started on my studio.

We've been spending days with precious friends.
Friends kind enough to come over and spend the day with us
 out of the water and the park and the sun.

I decided to make my own summer list:
for me. and only me.
things that {will} make me happy.


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  1. I feel that way when I clean my mud NEVER stays clean! So sorry to hear about your sweet boy's arm...that is quite a large cast...oh, I wanted to say, I love your artworks in the boy's room...looks fantastic!