Saturday, October 25

This + That

I have tried and tried to make Jack love crafts, almost from the time he was born.
I mean, come on. What kid doesn't love crafts? He absolutely refused. Until now. 

Josh has always loved using scissors and glue,
so as we've been crafting Jack has joined in and he finally loving it.

My favorite crafts are the ones that leave room for creativity.
Although they may be guided, the kids' end products look different.

Jack made this at school. So sweet.

Here is daddy and the boys at Jack's school carnival:

I have been really loving this study. 
I left my group to lead another, and it was hard to leave. {I love my peeps.}
But my new group is really, really great. 

I've gotten on the green smoothie bandwagon. 
Mostly because I need all of the energy I can get.
It actually works. I love it. 
It's super simple. too. 
2 handfuls of power greens & 1 cup of water 
1 cup of frozen strawberries & 1 cup of water
1/2 a frozen banana
blend & drink

Sometimes I add protein powder or flax seed.

Here's what I've been listening to while I've been arting...
love, love, and love.

I am excited to be a part of this new faith art community.

We made it to the pumpkin patch with my mom this week. 
I realized while I was there that our years bringing 
the kids to the pumpkin patch are numbered.
Made me sad. Made me appreciate each moment and just soak it all in. 
Simple pleasures. 

We took about 75, 362 pictures. 
And do ya think we could get ONE good one?

Me & my boys

I just ordered this book, by Sarah Martin.
I can't wait for this study online.

And now it's time for...
Things Joshy Says

Joshy at bedtime: 
I wish I was noctahno because then I could stay up oh (all) night.
Mom, can I be noctahno?

Joshy's art work from preschool.

Joshy walking in the bathroom: 
"Wet's DO this!"

Joshy rolled all of the toilet paper off the roll.
Me: Josh, you are wasting our toilet paper. You may not do that.
Josh: But mom, God just made me that way.
Sowee, that's just the way he made me.

Hm. Now who can argue with that?

Josh with his light up Batman shoes: 
The dawkness is no match for my shoes. HA! (karate chop) 

And my favorite of (possibly) all time.
Joshy had to go in the backyard at night to bring his shoes in.
Joshy: I'm going out there mom, but don't wowee, I'm not scayed.
 I'm gonna bwing my bwave with me. 

Happy Saturday, friends!
May you bwing your bwave with you, 
wherever you may go. 


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