Sunday, November 23

Free Printable 2015 Scripture Art Calendar for you!

Faith Art Calendar is here!***
Print one out for yourself and a friend today! 

I have been working hard on a little something special just for you,
as a way to say thank you for signing up for my email updates.

{Thank you!}

The 2015 scripture art calendar is finished and ready for you to print!
Print one for yourself and lots more for gifts this Christmas.
Quick, easy, inexpensive & oh. so. cute.

Sign up for my newsletter here
in order to receive a link to print out as many scripture art 
calendars as your little heart desires.

I'll be sharing some fun, easy ways to

package the calendar on the blog this week.

I also created a big (8.5 x 11) wall art calendar
professionally printed on thick glossy paper with squares 
available here in the shop. I only ordered 20 this year, 
so order now if you'd like one!

If you like the 2015 calendar, will you please share this on

facebook, instagram, twitter, or whatever you like to do?

Thank you, thank you x 100!

***I worked really hard on this. Use it as many times as you would like, for personal use only.

***I would love for you to share this with anyone you like (or don't like),
on or offline, just please give me credit and link to my blog.



  1. I received your newsletter already but I can't find a link for the free calendar. Help! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your generosity! Just wanted to let you know the download is missing Rom.8:28 & has two of Is.43:1.

  3. Thank you, Erin!! These are just beautiful. How generous of you. On my facebook wall! Take care and happy holidays to you, Kim Reed.

  4. I can't seem to find the link for the free calendar either :(

  5. I'm missing the link as well. I'd love to have it so I can print and share this - it's beautiful and inspiring! Colett

  6. I think this is just lovely. I'm going to share it on my Facebook wall so my many, online Christian contacts can see it too. Thank you, Louise.

  7. To the other commenters above me questioning the link for the calendar download: please note- Erin does ask that you sign up for her newsletter in order to receive the link. I'm guessing that link will be sent to you.

  8. I can't find the link to the calendar. Please help!

  9. Hi, I have subscribed and signed up, but unfortunately, the free calendar link still doesn't show up.

  10. I am having trouble finding the link as well...when I subscribed, I clicked on the link sent to me via email, but then it just re-routes me to the website. This is such a beautiful calendar and I'd love to be able to print it out. Does anyone know how to go about getting it?

  11. My subscription email had the link but when I clicked it, nothing was there :(

  12. I need help finding the link to the printable calendar, please

  13. It's the same for me. I subscribed to the newsletter and clicked the link in my confirmation email, but it is still not giving me any kind of link that will enable me to print the calender. It's gorgeous and I'd love to hang it in my kitchen!

  14. I just came across this adorable calendar. I love it, and really hope there will be one for 2016 as well : ).

  15. Is it too late to print out your beautiful calendar. I am just starting on the Journaling by Heart workshop and I have a question (already!). How do I know what scripture to journal each week and is there a certain way to do it? Thank you, Mary

  16. Hoping to get one of these for 2016- I was already signed up, haven't received the email with the link and now I don't know how to get this calendar! Please let me know what I need to do :) TY JillanaF

  17. Is there anyway to get the artwork for the 2015 calendar? I really like some things in that one. Thanks!

  18. still haven't received an email to confirm so i can print this out! Please help! Thank you!

  19. I downloaded the gorgeous 2016 calendar but would love to receive the 2015 as well. Is this possible? Thank you for sharing your artwork with us! :)

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