Thursday, November 13

Wed.31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 31: John 10; Abundant Life

Day 31: Finishing up the cover 

And 2 years later... we are finished!
Here we are at Day 31, friends, and if you are still with me
then you get a medal, or a cookie, or a pony.
Everybody who has hung in with for this long gets a free pony.

We're going to finish up the cover today.
Here we go!

{the same}

black ink
Mod Podge

Step 1: Start with your book cover. 
Squirt a little gesso and two different colors on the cover.
Spread the paint around with a dry paper towel.

Make a big white block of white gesso on the top.

Step 2: Cover your cover with 
different sizes of collaged patterned paper.

Start with big pieces and cover the entire page.

Then cut smaller squares to overlap on top.

Step 3: Cut out the letters of your 
verse of contrasting colored paper.

Glue them on the cover with Mod Podge

Step 4: Outline the letters in gesso with your finger.

Step 5: Outline the letters with a 
tiny brush and black ink. 
Add marks (lines, dots, and patterns to fill space in.)

Step 6: Celebrate!

 You have finished your first Scripture Art Journal.
I would LOVE to see what you've done.
Seriously. It would be so encouraging to me.
You inspire me to keep on going
by your willingness to come with me on this journey.

Remember: the victory is in the process, not the product.
There is no prize for perfection,
The prize is for being brave and stepping out of what you know,
into what is uncomfortable and unknown.
The prize is in working out your faith with fear and trembling.
That is where the good stuff is.
That is where we take hold of the life that is life.

And isn't that the essence our faith? 
Really, isn't this what our life in Christ is all about?

It's day 31 but I'm not finished with Scripture Art Journaling.
I feel like I've just begun. I honestly feel like I've just started. Don't you?
I'll share my journals here on the blog on Wednesdays,
and regularly in our Faith Art Journaling Group
 over at His Kingdom Come.
I hope you'll join me.

I'll be Scripture Art Journaling during advent and
I'd love for you to join me there, too.
I'll post more about journaling for advent next Wednesday, November 19.
Until then, keep journaling, and I'd love to give you a great big hug and
a tremendous thank you for making it this far with me!
You have blessed my socks off.

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  1. Just found your blog today! This is exactly the type of creative project I've been meaning to do. Thank you for sharing your art!

    I'm not that good at drawing so the Word-focus fits me quite nicely! Can't wait to start!

  2. This all looks amazing. I was thinking it was going to be like the days 1-3. Then it got beyond my ability and what I could afford. I wondered though if you had a page of supply list of what you will need?l before you start?

  3. Thank you so much Erin. Your ideas are really so inspiring and easy to do. God bless for sharing these wonderful tips.