Tuesday, December 30

2014 Favorite Posts

We made it through Christmas friends. 
Hallelujah. Can I get an amen? 

2014 was a year of transition for us. It was good. It was hard. It was crazy. 
Pretty much sums up life, right? After writing this post, I'm realizing that
 we did a lot more than it feels like we did. 

In January

I started hand lettering more and kind of fell in love.

I chose a new word, it was a verse, actually.

I made some new year's wishes for 2014,
Thank you St. Teresa of Avila, for the inspiration.

I made a series of messy scripture prints.

I made a little printable banner for Valentine's Day.

I continued the 2 year process of finishing my Scripture Art Journaling series
 and made some stamps and pockets.

In February 

I cut up some wood scraps and made this little wooden heart series.
They were so fun to create. I'm going to make another big batch in a couple of weeks.

We went to LegoLand, the beach, and took a tour of the Midway, an aircraft carrier.

In March

And I after looking around for a decent welcome mat, 

In April 

I pondered Palm Sunday

In May 

we were evacuated from our home because of the crazy wild fires.

We helped build the Sparrow Fund, which supports adoptive parents.

and I painted my first mural at church.

In June

I finished the school year,
Joshy turned 3 and started potty training. 
We are officially a no diaper family!  Hallelujah. 

Jack broke his arm at on the monkey bars, the first week of summer. 

In July 

we survived. 
and that's all I can say about July. 
We made. it. through.

In August 

I went a little crazy. I think I lost every single one of my marbles.
Will you remind me of this month this year, when everything hits?
Will you remind me to close the shop and take cover because the crazy is about to unleash. 
Honestly, every August I lose my mind.
And every August my mom says, 
"But honey, it's August. This is what August is like."
And every year I forget. Not this year, August, I'm on to you.
Watch out.

So this August Jack turned 6. SIX.
and got his cast off and started kindergarten.
In a real elementary school. and everything. I know.

Josh started preschool in the morning, 2 days a week.
I started teaching first grade with a new job share partner. 

And then September came

 and I started to paint again. 
I even made a Fall LineAren't you impressed?

This is the not-so-funny, kind of make-you-wanna-cry part:
I painted this series for the 2015 calendar. 
It took hours and hours and years, friends. Years.  

And then I realized. They are all portrait. Up and down.
I went to format them on the calendar and they didn't fit.
Really? really.
I cried. Tired tears. 

for your people.

And by the time October rolled around 
I was back to blogging with a vengeance.

I made a cute little {big} Halloween Sign

I made some major progress on Scripture Art Journaling

In November

I decided that I would not be stopped by a minor calendar set back (see September)
and I created 12 new pieces for the 2015 Printable Scripture Calendar
This time I remembered to make each one landscape. Side to side.
And I decided to offer it as a free printable for signing up for my newsletter.
{Thank you!!!! by the way}

We finally started this cute little Thanksgiving tradition 
of writing our all of the things we are thankful for on leaves.
I included a printable of the leaves to make it easy for you.

And I finally {FINALLY} finished my Scipture Art Journaling series with this post!!!
{And you thought it would NEVER happen. }
Truthfully, I thought it would never happen. 
But it did and it's done.

In December, 

Disclaimer: We've never done family devotions together before. ever.
We made it short and sweet, and guess what. The kids loved it. 
We ended up reading different parts of the Christmas story

The rest of December has actually been really nice.
We didn't too much, but we did enough Christmas stuff to make it fun.
I didn't feel like we were running around like crazy people.

We went to the snow for a week.

Jack learned how to ski. Loved it. 

The boys sang in their Christmas programs

We waited in line for hours to see the big man.

I even remembered to dress them in their Christmas pajamas
on Christmas Eve. Impressive. I know. 

And I managed to schlep us all out the door to take family pictures. 
Everyone is dressed and smiling. No small feat. 

If you're still with me for this longest post in history, thank you. 
Thank you for coming here and coming back and being a part of this journey. 
You are what makes it fun. 
You are what turns this from me, alone, to us, together.
And I'm so thankful for you.


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  1. Erin- I wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspirational artwork with all of us! I printed your calendar for my bible study small group and a few friends, as a token Christmas gift, and everyone loved them. Your words and creativity brighten my days and I look forward to your creations for 2015. Will send you a note at the end of July to remind you about August!�� Happy new year!