Friday, July 24

Journaling by Heart: Lesson 4: Getting Personal and Transparent


 Welcome to week 4 of Journaling by Heart,
our summer workshop for faith art journaling.
 Melissa and I have loved seeing what you are creating.
 It is so fun to see how different everyone's
journal pages are.
Week 4 of Journaling by Heart is up on her blog:
Getting Personal & Transparent.
This is such a good one friends.
I am learning so much from Melissa.
Today she walks us through meditating on God's Word and using transparencies in our journal. so. fun.
I can't wait to get started on this &
I can't wait to see what you make!
We know that summer can be crazy.
This is a work at your own pace sort of thing.
It is never too late to start!
You can start at week 1, or jump in at week 4.
Anywhere you start will be worth it.
We'd love for you to join us,
wherever and whenever you can.

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