Thursday, September 10

Original 8 x 10 Mixed Media Collages, Only $36 each!

 Now that I've been painting like a crazy lady, my little studio room
 is starting to cave in on me, and I've got to find these babies some new homes!
You can snatch them up here, in my shop.

Paintings really, really do make the best presents. ever. 
And for $36 each {+ $6 for shipping} these little guys are affordable. 
Okay, I'll stop! 

Here they are on my wall in my studio, waiting for a good home. 
Each piece is a one of a kind, mixed media collage on wood. 
They are created layering paper upon paint upon paper,
so they have a great texture.

One of the best things about these guys is that they come ready to hang,
with a d ring screwed into the back, so you don't need to bother with a frame.

Each collage is coated with a protective, acrylic spray gloss,
giving it a durable finish and making it easy clean with a damp towel.

They are small enough for your gallery wall, 
but bright enough to make a statement. 

Each original will be shipped as soon as it is sold! 


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