Wednesday, December 30

Faith Art Friday in 2016

For our new friends who have recently joined, start here.

Last summer Melissa and I started a free Faith Art Journaling Workshop we called Journaling by Heart. Each week we took turns meeting on our blogs to provide a tutorial and an assignment. Then our members (that's you) met us here in the closed Facebook Group to share your creations, your art, your faith and your heart. Even more than that, you showed up to encourage and cheer for each other. 

It is a beautiful thing. It's exactly what we were hoping for and praying for. 
The theme of our workshop was grace. That we might know the grace that Jesus has for us, that we would give ourselves that grace and extend that grace to each other.

We wanted a safe place to share art and faith and be vulnerable with one another. 

And you created it. You continue to create it every time you come in and like someone else's work, or comment, or simply say, me too. The Facebook Community has been, and continues to be, such a blessing to us. 

So when the workshop ended, we weren't ready to end, and neither were you. Melissa and I decided to continue with tutorials on our blogs every Friday, and meeting in our Facebook Group to share our work. We had great intentions. And Melissa followed, but I found that during the school year, between work and family, it was simply too much to do every week. I couldn't do it. 

Melissa and I love Faith Art Journaling. We love this space and our community and we love what God is doing here. We aren't ready to stop, but we need to make it sustainable for us and our families, and not make us{me} want to cry just thinking about all of the work that is involved in the next post.

So here's the plan: Melissa and I will post on Fridays once a month and we will have guest posts twice a month. This will introduce you to more techniques and styles, and it will also free us up to not hate it I mean, feed our families and get to do the other stuff we love to d

So, as much as we love to art journal our faith, we aren't just here for art. We love art, but there are plenty of places to create and learn about art. We are here to be in the Word of God, to know Him more, to hear his voice, and to grow in the grace of Jesus. 

This is our prayer for you, too. That these would not just be pretty words on paper, but that God would make His word come alive in our hearts, as only He can do.

That He would breathe life into our souls. Give eyes to see.
Give us ears to hear. Give us hearts to love each other because we don't know how.
We need you, Lord! Reveal yourself to this year. Amen. 

We really want to know how we can serve you best 
& we need your thoughts and ideas: 

What do you like the most about Faith Art Fridays?

What would you like to see more of? 

What would you change?
What would you like to learn more about?

Is there a book or a subject in the Bible that you would like to learn more about?

If you haven't started faith art journaling, 
what is stopping you?

If you haven't posted in the FB group, what is stopping you?

Please include any thoughts you have that would make our Faith Art Fridays 
as relevant and awesome as possible. 

We love you. We're so glad you're with us on this journey! 

Erin & Melissa


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  1. I think once a month is more than reasonable, even without guest posts in between. I often don't get to journal artistically the way I would like for the same reasons it is hard for you to get post finished :) The main reason I am not posting, is because I don't understand how to post to a specific group (at least from my phone - which may not be possible).