Monday, December 28

What's on my Kitchen Table + a simple way to display your 2016 Scripture Art Calendar

I love this week between Christmas and New Year's.
I feel like it's a a free ticket to get cozy and drink too much coffee and snuggle up by the fire
and let my boys play video games while I paint and paint and paint. 
{Please overlook the run-on sentences. I'm on break.}

I've been kind of obsessed with black ink lately. Doodling and drawing and writing with it. 
This is what my kitchen table looks like right now. Bliss.

I'm working on a new logo for Faith Art Fridays in 2016.
I'm working on Friday's post, too, so join us here on New Year's Day
for the first Faith Art Friday of 2016.
And yes, we're going to pick  a word. Because I love picking a word. 
It's one of my favorite things, so be thinking & praying about your word. 

I'm also creating thank you notes because I'm the world's worst thank you note writer. ever.
 It's embarrassing. If you never get a thank you note from me please don't take it personally.
It's me, not you. Maybe actually making thank you notes will inspire me to write them and actually send them? Maybe? Okay, probably not, but I like the idea...

I also want to redo my blog and everything that goes along with it. 
I get this way about every 3 months though. I get tired of my logo and look.
But I really want it to reflect more of my style, if that makes sense?

So, have you printed your 2016 Scripture Calendar yet?
If you haven't, click here to sign up for my newsletter.

The link to the calendar will be emailed to you as soon as you confirm your subscription.
Don't worry, you can unsubscribe right away. I won't stalk you. I promise. 

If you are already subscribed, I just sent you an email with the link to the calendar,
 so check your email. If you still cannot download the calendar after signing up, just email me at: and I will send it to you.

I found these sweet little easels at Michael's a while ago and painted them white.
They make a perfect little stand for these guys.

I always love these cute mini-clipboards for the calendars, too,
in case you want to hang it on the wall. 
You can get these here;

Here are a few more simple ideas I came up with to display the calendar.

Thanks for being here. Enjoy!



  1. thank you for the beautiful little calendar!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the calendar...beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the calendar...beautiful!

  4. Can I ask please how you cut them. When I cut mine, one side is small on the margins then the other. I cut down the middle at 5.5. Thank you again and cant wait for all your changes in 2016 that you dream for!

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