Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by.
My name is  Erin Leigh. I am an artist, teacher, 
creative blogger, hand-letterer, and expert doodler.

I believe that we were created to make stuff. together. today.

Not when we retire. Not in 10 years. 
Today. Right now. 

I believe that making stuff feeds our souls and 
awakens a part of us that we sometimes forget is there;
that it breathes life into our lives and 
connects us on a different level.
I believe that making stuff doesn't have to
 require a bunch of time or money. 

I believe in making ugly art.
Every day. All the time.
Once we learn to rest in the freedom of making ugly art, 
once we practice letting go and messing up and pressing on,
then {and ONLY then} do we have the freedom explore and discover and make the art we were made to make. 

Here's a little bit about my creative journey:

While I've always had a creative side, I didn't start making art
until eight years ago, when I was pregnant with our oldest son.
I couldn't find anything I wanted and could afford for
his nursery, so I decided to make it.
I kept making and making until my house was full.
I wasn't ready to stop making, so I opened up an etsy shop.
It's been baby steps from there. 
One foot in front of the other each day.

Here are some things you might want to know:

I'm self taught. I have a Phd in YouTube tutorials.

All through my 20s I thought I missed the art boat.
It wasn't until I had a little time and space 
to play and make, that I found this love.

I dream of living on a farm, except in my dream

someone else is doing all that farm work.
I just get fresh eggs every morning.

Love doesn't begin to describe 

the relationship I have with coffee.

As I take risks with my art,
I find myself able to take risks in other areas in my life.
As I learn and grow through my creations,
I find myself wanting to learn and grow in other areas.
As I find freedom and courage in taking my art a new direction,
I find my freedom and courage in relationships and in life.
If there's one thing I've learned so far through
my artistic journey, it is that I need to create.
I was made for this.

I live in San Marcos, California and 
I'm married to a great guy. 
We have two boys,  7 & 4.
I teach first grade. Best job in the world, 
besides being a mama.

I love God. Lots. I honestly don't know 
how I'd do life without him.

I lived & taught in Hong Kong for 2 years. 

I traveled all around Asia. I loved it.

I love Young Life. I was a Young Life kid & 

a leader for 14 years.

The encouragement and connection I get from kind souls keeps me going.
Please contact me any time.

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