Tuesday, April 15

My Cup Overflows, Psalm 23

I'm sharing art at Pick Your Portion today. 
Pick Your Portion is an effort in sitting at the Lord’s feet, listening to his teaching. Our aim is to provide a pause among the everyday fragments of life, reminding ourselves and others to stop and long for God’s voice as it echoes all around.

I love Psalm 23. 
All of it.
The Lord is my Shepherd 
(The lover of my soul.)

He makes me lie down in green pastures.
(I go kicking and screaming.) 

He leads me beside quiet waters.
(After I throw a little tantrum.) 

He restores my soul.
(When I take the time to sit and listen and submit and let go.)

He provides for our every need, 
thankfully not for our every want. 
He fills up our broken cups to overflowing 
and pours out his goodness and love.

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you that you use our brokenness 
to reveal your glory.


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