Tuesday, June 24

Our Summer Bucket List: How many summers do you have left?

My big boy broke his arm. He fell off the monkey bars
during the first week of summer. 
While he is on the mend all I can think is...
there goes summer.

And just when I was starting to freak out at the thought of summer
with no running, riding, jumping, splashing, or climbing,
the nester kindly reminded me...
How many summers do you have?

I have...

And I want to be in it.
Not rushing, or list making, or thinking about what comes next, 
but in it with these guys.

 Goals for summer: 
1. I want to teach them how to hide God's word in their heart.
That is eternal. It will never, ever leave them.

2. I want Jack to feel comfortable and confident in kindergarten.
That means we're practicing a little reading and writing each day.
With lots and lots of help and encouragement. 

3. I want to have adventures and discover what it means
 to live this abundant life in Christ together.  
I needed a little summer inspiration.

That's where my (modified for a broken arm) bucket list comes in.
So, here's the summer adventure list that we created:
Just about all ideas are borrowed or stolen from here.

And I added a little scrappy summer bunting for fun... 
because, can you ever have enough bunting?
No. The answer is no.

So, what's on your list this summer?


Thursday, June 12

Real Life Cray Cray

Hi friends, it's been a while since I've posted.
 It's such a crazy time of year. for everyone.
We still have one more week of teaching to go until summer.

We had our first grade Open House last month.
 It's always so much work to get there, and so worth it when it comes.
The kids worked super hard and they were really proud to show it off.
Each first grade classroom turned into a continent and studied the habitats
within their continent. We chose to study Australia.

We painted big animals on butcher paper and stuffed and stapled them.
The kids researched facts about their animal.

We made little explorer people.

We made torn paper world map mosaics.

and "Me on the Map" concentric circles.

The students studied and made retablos
when we studied culture.
I'm always amazed by what my seven year olds can do.
 I love my job.
In other news, Jack graduated from preschool.
His little program was just about the cutest thing ever.

My messy heart art was featured in Somerset Gallery this month.
Thank you Somerset! I am honored to be a part!

Meet our newest family member: Baxter.
My parents got a dog and the all of the boys (including my husband) are smitten.

He could not be cuter.
The best part is that he's not my responsibility!!!

Here is some new custom art I've been working on.
I have loved making these for little ones.

I can't stop listening to the Rend Collective Experiment.
Have you heard them?!? Life changing.
Thank me later.

And I shall leave you with that. 

Next up:
Giant, painted, collaged  fabric flowers for the wall in the 2's room at church.

Art, you say? What's that? Who has time for art?
I have about a million ideas for the summer,
and a brand new computer, so stay tuned!