Sunday, September 6

Journaling by Heart: Week 10: Doodling the Take-aways

Welcome to Journaling by Heart: Week 10, the final week of our summer faith art journaling workshop. Wait, are finished already? But we were just getting started. If you feel the same, don't worry, we want to continue to create with you. 

Our Facebook group will be open permanently, so no matter where you are in your faith art journaling journey, join us there to share your work and be encouraged. We will also continue to share faith art journaling ideas, tips, and prompts with you on both of our blogs and in our newsletter.

Both Melissa & I have wrap-up posts today, so be sure to check her post out here. She always goes way above and beyond expectations, and she’s done it again, with freebies galore. She made these cute little tabs and she’s offering a free digital scrapbooking kit as well!

I have so much still to say. First and foremost, THANK YOU!!! For being here. For participating. For joining, encouraging, sharing and being brave on our Facebook Page. You guys are truly the best. Melissa and I have been so beyond blessed by you.

Honestly, every week feels like loaves and fishes to me. Each week I show up to create my post and I think, “What am I doing? I don’t have anything to share.” Crusty bread. Stinky fish. Kind of embarrassing to offer to my guests. And I get started and God is so faithful to meet me wherever I happen to be. I finally finish and think it’s not interesting enough to post, and of course it’s always late. I post anyway and YOU. Oh, you. 

You come so full of grace and kindness. You take what we give and you make it your own. You make it beautiful and so you, which is what I love the most about this whole process. Not, that we’re all creating the same scripture in the same way, but that we are creatively recording how God is whispering to our hearts together. And there is something so powerful and intimate and vulnerable when we allow ourselves to be in that position. I think that’s it. That you are willing to be vulnerable and trust us in this process.  

When we started this, we didn’t know if anyone would actually join in and participate, maybe a handful, but we knew that we wanted to encourage each other to create, even if just the two of us showed up. And then you showed up here and in our Facebook group. You have encouraged us to no end. We are so thankful for you being here.

One thing we need from you: your feedback! It would be a {huge} favor to us to know what parts of the workshop you enjoyed the most and to know how we can improve next time. If you’ve enjoyed this free workshop, would you take a second to let us know? It would mean the world to us! Also, what other types of workshops would you like to see?

You can either email us { or} OR simply write a comment on one of our blogs. Thank you in advance!  

Let's get started wrapping this thing up...

Supply List 

Faith Art Journal
You can buy or make one.


Okay, let’s begin Week 10, which I am calling, Doodling theTake-aways.  So often when I read a book, or the Bible, or hear a sermon that resonates with me, I want to hold on to it and remember it. Most of the time I find common threads from different sources in whatever God is teaching me. And when I lay them all out together, a can better understand how they are woven together {if that makes sense?}, like a quilt.

Step 1: Pray.

There were so many aha moments for me in this workshop this that I don’t want to forget. So, I started with quick prayer: Lord, please give me eyes to see what you are teaching me, ears to hear and a heart to understand what you have for me today. Lead me and guide me and take me wherever you want me to go.  Amen

Step 2: Review your pages.

Review all of the pages you have made this summer. Pray through them.
I started going through my journal, looking at the pages from each week, beginning with Week 2: John 15:5

 I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

That word remain is also abide in the ESV. Live. Spend time with me.
I love that word. Abide. That’s what I feel like the Lord is saying to me, what He is always saying to me. Just sit and abide and be still with me. And I will make you radiant. {Psalm 34:5}  

I discovered that verse here in week 7. Take note of what sticks with you, what you wants to hold on to. Maybe even jot down words and phrases as you review your journal.

Step 3: Choose one word 

Choose a word {or phrase} that sums up the heart of your study. It could be grace, freedom, radiant, etc. I chose abide because that's the common thread I keep coming back to.  

With your extra fine point Sharpie doodle your word with a very loose hand. Do this quickly. Don’t over think. Remember, this is all about the process of connecting the dots, not so much the product.

Step 4: Doodle the words 

As you review each week's page doodle the words and/or phrases that you want to remember, connecting it to your word, or big idea. 

As I reviewed my page from week 3 First, in week 3 my verse was John 15:5. Spend time in the Bible, with God. Time. Just sit and be quiet and still. Don’t plan, or make lists, or ask for stuff, simply spend time.

so I just doodled spend time and drew a little clock. 

Spending quiet time with God in His Word reminded me of Week 7 {again}

so I simply wrote: and I become radiant.

That reminded me of last week when I was so stuck, 
so I journaled 2 Corinthians 12:9

I was reminded that it's only in my weakness that His power is made perfect. 
So I wrote this:

Then I've been binge watching Christine Caine lately
and this sermon really stuck with me. 
She talked about being lead by God and drawn by Him,
letting Him do the work in all areas of life, 
instead of being driven by my own desires and will and wanting what I want.
It was good. You should listen. It stuck with me.

After reviewing Week 5, I was reminded that Christ has already set me free,
He did all this to set me free, but I still have to fight and stand firm every day in order to remain free and not be "yoked" again. I have a choice to make in order to remain free.

and the only way I can remain free is by abiding in him.
It's all connected. It kind of blows my mind...

Step 5: Turn your acrylics into watercolors.

This is fun. Because acrylics are opaque and would cover up your beautiful Sharpie doodles, we’re going to turn our acrylics into watercolors.

*A word on paint* I've been getting a lot of questions about which kind of paint I use. The answer: whatever I have. Usually that means acrylic paints from the craft store. Like these:

First pick your palette of colors and squirt a little of each color onto plate. 

Then dip your paintbrush into your water and add a touch of acrylic paint. Mix it up really well, until the result is a transparent, watercolor-like substance.

Start painting little bits of each color all around your doodles. If it covers up your doodles completely, add more water.

Add water to each of the colors on your palette and start filling in spaces around your doodles.

Cover the page with each color in your palette.

Step 6: Paint the details. 

Paint the details with regular acrylic paint.

Step 7: Add white ink.

By now you should know how much I love white ink. I can’t get enough. Use the smallest brush you have, dip it into the ink, and add more details to your page, here and there, until it feels finished to you.

Now share with us {please!} on our private Facebook page. Share what you're learning, how you're growing and what you'll take-away from the workshop.

Melissa and I have more plans to continue creating with you, but for now finish up your journal. Doodle your take-aways, and share, share, share. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 


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  2. Thank you so much to you and Melissa for all the time you put into your lessons and tutorials and for so generously sharing with us! I enjoyed your lessons and tutorials so very much! You are both a blessing!

  3. I have loved this, you and Melissa are amazing and have taught me so much! The link to Christine Caine doesn't work/been removed by YouTube ... but I follow her on IG and adore her daily inspirations! Thanks for turning me on to her sermons, will need to listen.