Friday, January 1

Faith Art Friday: January 1, One Little Word Watercolor Tutorial

Happy New Year!
Welcome to our very first Faith Art Friday of the year.
I'm so glad you showed up.

Each Friday Melissa and I will meet on our blogs to post our journaling responses, along with a few tips, tricks, and ideas. 

Then *and this is the best part* we'll meet (that means you too) with our journals and responses in our private Facebook group. This group is such an encouragement.  
Learn, create, share with us.

I've prepared a really fun, simple tutorial for us today, 
with very basic, inexpensive supplies.*

*Side note: 
I'm starting here because I know that supplies can be roadblock to actually creating. I keep hearing this from you over and over again.  I want to scale that wall to get you making and creating and playing, without the distraction and expense of fancy supplies.

My joy is play. I love to play with color, line, texture, shape.
Honestly, something unexplainable awakens inside of me when I make time to play. When I just. show. up.
So simple. So hard. Right?

And it is fun by myself, but it is way more fun with you. 
As soon as I start to play, I just want to invite everyone I know to come out to play with mebecause that's even more fun. Let's get started.

Let's pray: 

Father God, thank you, that you've given us hopes and dreams, that your plans for us are ALWAYS different than than our plans for ourselves. Thank you that you are God and we are not. 

 We pray that as we seek you, you would pour out your Holy Spirit on us; that you will lead us and guide us and show us where you want us to go; that you would give us the courage we need to get uncomfortable, and take the next step in the path that leads to you.

We know that YOU ARE THE WAY. You are IT for us, Jesus. Draw us to yourself. Open our eyes and ears and hearts to your presence today. Help us to love you more than we love anything else. 

Write down your word or verse of the year.

Start listing or writing things you'd like to do this year.
I only write my dreams. Goals sounds too much like work to me. Yes, I will write out goals, but it will be this long to do list of have tos. And the has it's place, but not here.

In the dream writing down process, this is pure fun.
Let your mind go, with no money or time or is-this-even-reasonable constraints. The point is not to actually do all of these things. The point is to allow yourself time and space to think about what you desire, what you want, what's buried deep in your heart. 

What's the point? The point is that God has planted big dreams and desires in our hearts. Every single one of us. That means you, too. And we can't even imagine or pray about these if we don't even know what they are, if we push them aside because they don't seem practical or possible. 

One thing I know: God's dreams for us are always different  than our dreams for ourselves. Let's be willing to allow ourselves to dream. 

I love this verse. I truly believe that as we set our eyes and our hearts on Jesus, He is faithful to change our wants and desires to align with His plans. He invites us into His plans as we are willing to get uncomfortable and be brave and obedient. 

Let's start making!

Here are the things you'll need: 

1. a piece of paper

I use this journal. It's a mixed media journal.

I like it because the pages are thick.
You can use watercolor paper, or card stock, or copy paper. 
Use what you have! And I encourage you to experiment with 
different weights and brands of paper to see what you like. 

2. water 

3. A small, a medium, and a large sized brush

You don't need fancy brushes for playing and experimenting.
This is a nice little set.

4. A paper towel

5. A fine tip Sharpie & an extra fine tip Sharpie

You can get them pretty much anywhere, or order them by the dozen here: 

6. Crayola Watercolors

Yes, 24 colors for $3.99! Like I said, you don't need fancy supplies to make art. You just need to use what you have and show up. These are about the cheapest you can go.

These Loew Cornells are a fun, inexpensive pack, too:

And I also love my Koi Field Sketch Watercolor Set

I'm using Crayola today because I want to show you that you don't need fancy stuff to create.

Okay, let's get started...

1. Prep your paints.
First, put a dab of water in each of your colors so they will be nice and wet when you go to use them.

2. Start with your biggest brush.
Paint thick lines (any color) horizontally & vertically.

3. Choose another color. 
Cross over the color you just made.

4. Choose another color. Any color.
Twirl your brush around to create circles.

5. Get your smallest brush and add thin lines of a different color in between your thick lines.

6. Use your medium brush to create a big circle in the middle (any color) for your word.

7. Ew. That's ugly. Press your napkin on top of it to suck up some of the color.

8. Add more smaller circles in a different color.

9. Use your smallest brush to add details OVER your existing painting.

Add thin lines inside your thick lines & outline your circles.

10. Drip some drops of water on your big circle. 

Add another color to your big circle.

11. Add some more blocks of color (square & rectangular shaped) 
over the existing shapes. Press on it with your napkin to pull up some of the color.

12. Add some darker circles and dots on top and wait for it to dry.

13. Start by writing your word big in the circle. 

14. Add details and doodles.
Think lines, dots, and curves.

15. Add more details.

16. Add hopes & dreams around the word.*

*Full disclosure: Okay, ya know how I was just saying to write down your dreams, even if they're super silly, or not possible, or unreasonable?
 I have a list of those dreams in my secret journal by my bed.
I encourage you to write those out, too.

I have a hard time articulating them, 
and even writing them down in my secret journal. 
It feels... audacious.
I love that word. 
Be audacious in your dreaming.
But those audacious prayers are so personal and vulnerable, 
so.. embarrassing(?) that I'm keeping them close
 and holding them tight right now.

I wrote down things I want to do in 2016. 
Fun things.
NOT lose weight or save money.
NOT be better at... blah, blah, 
NOT clean my pantry or beat myself over the head 
about losing my ATM card once a month (true story) 
fun stuff I want to make happen because that's where the life part of life is. 

Ok, that's it! Ready, set, go! 

Okay now, go. make. share here.

I can't wait to see what you are creating in our FB group

Did you enjoy this tutorial?

Melissa & I created a free workshop {10 weeks of tutorials} just for you.
Start here & enjoy!



  1. Wow...I just read this for the first time and I'd just like to share the irony I'm feeling right now. My devotion for Jan 1 followed along these same lines of writing dreams and asking big questions. I wrote in my journal that I don't do 'dreams' because to me the disappointment and sadness of things unattainable is too much for me. Still working through exactly why I feel this way but that's a whole different story ;) Anyway, I did journal about what I'm calling longings. For example, I long to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. (I struggle with this constantly.) This may not sound big to everyone but it's huge to me. Just thought it was interesting.....God is working through you and Melissa. Thank you for following His lead! Kara

  2. Thanks for making art and bible study fun! Great tutorial as always ...and no need for fancy supplies....awesome!

  3. Thanks so much for your Faith Art Friday's =)
    I don't do Facebook so I'll reply with my Blog Thread here...

    Plus I tried to post this one to Pixel Scrapper as I've used Michelle's Kit but their gallery won't allow card sizes...
    Hugs and Blessings, Jemima

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