Sunday, April 25

Painting a Mural for the Kindergarten Yard

I fell off the blogging wagon, but I'm climbing back on. I've missed you guys, my blogging family.

Here's where I've been: at my school.
We have a great group of kinder parents at school this year who planned + made a kindergarten garden. When they asked me to help with the murals for the kindergarten yard I was more than happy to. I've never done anything on this huge scale before. I love large. Really large. And it was so fun.

Last Saturday 4 families came + we primed the walls to get ready for the big painting event. We all had a great time.I don't know why, it was just really, really fun.

Especially Jack. Ummm, are you supposed to painting that? I don't think so.

Then I spray painted the outlines for the 2 murals. An ocean on the handball court...

and a garden for our garden.

Yesterday a bunch of our kinder families came out to help paint...

and paint.

There is still a little more to be done + details to be added, but we got most of it done.

And today we're taking a break.
I missed you. I'm happy to be back.

Tuesday, April 20

Inspiration in the Garden

Last week the booboo and I went to Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. Amazing. So much inspiration in nature...everywhere.

Love the colors.

The details.

The textures.

The booboo was in heaven exploring.

It's been so long since I last posted because it's been tough for me to stay up late + make stuff. but tonight's the night. probably maybe. um, we'll see...

Saturday, April 10

mixed media collage... unfinished.

The good news: I'm a great starter. a dreamer. a visionary, if you will.
The bad news: Not so great on the follow through. If you know me, this is putting it mildly.

I have 17 started, unfinished projects. 17. My studio is filled with them. Does anyone else have this problem?

Can I blame it on genetics, or just total lack of discipline?

Here's what I'm working on...

This commissioned piece with her sister's original poetry as the text. So sweet. and...
FINISHED. yay me.

Part ofthe series I startedwith the commission. almost done.

another one of the same series. getting there...

same series. a long way to go.

These butterfly collages are for a birthday in February. 2009. yikes.

Artfest epiphany #46: Sometimes your art goes through an ugly awkward puberty stage. work through it.