3 Ways To Get Ready for Journaling by HeArt - A Workshop Warm Up

The Journaling by Heart workshop is only 2 days away! I can't wait to get started with you.

If you are as eager as I am to get started, Melissa has some great tips on her blog today. 

There is no formal registration. 

Just sign up for our newsletters on our blogs, 
 join us on our blogs each Friday, 
and share your work in the Facebook community!
That's it! 



A Free Summer Art Journaling Workshop!

While searching for camps for my kids this summer, 
I was thinking, I wanna go to camp. I need a camp for me.

So, my super creative friend, Melissa, from Pink Paper Peppermints, and I
have been dreaming up a fun summer workshop for us {you and me}
We want to get together to share our faith & creativity,
to encourage each other, and rally around one another,
to share techniques and learn from each other.

It’s pretty much what we would want to be a part of, if we could find it.
Wanna see what we’ve been working on?

Journaling by Heart
A Free Summer Art Journaling Workshop

Just for us! To meet and create together.

This is for everyone. Beginners, experts, artists, nonartists.
It doesn’t matter how much experience you have,
if you are interested in art journaling your faith, this is for you.

Join us in our Facebook Community: Faith Art Journaling Community

We’ll get started creating this Friday, July 3.
I would love to see you there.


Sunday Scripture Printable: Isaiah 41:10

I love this verse.
I made it as a printable to encourage us (me & you).

We were never meant to do this life alone.
He is always with us,
to be our strength, our help, our joy.


Scripture Sunday Printable: Proverbs 31. Her children arise and call her blessed.

Hi friends, with Mother's Day just one week away,
 I thought I would make us some printables for the women in our lives: 
the mommas, the grandmas, the aunties, the sisters.
The ones who make our lives a little sunshinier;
who make us feel a little more known, a little less alone. 
These are for them. 

Click here for a printable 5 x 7
Click here for a printable little 4.25 x 5.5
Click here for a printable notecard.



Mother's Day Prints & Free Shipping

Mother's Day is only a week away.
Let your momma know how much she is loved.

 Free shipping on all prints 
through Sunday, May 3!

Happy Friday, friends! 



Free Sunday Printable: The Lord is with you Mighty Warrior, Judges 6:12

I have been wanting to make this for us {you & me} 
ever since I listened to this sermon last November.
Blew. My. Mind. 

This verse was a tiny blip in the story of Gideon and it was almost a side note, a comment.
It wasn't even the point of the whole sermon. But it blew my mind.
I've read this story before, and I've never noticed this verse.

"The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior."

What is so amazing to me about this verse, is that
God declares the truth of who Gideon is, 
even though Gideon doesn't see himself that way. 
Whoah. I know.

Gideon is not this faithful, fearless, "Pick me, Lord" kinda guy.
He is unsure and afraid. He doesn't believe what the Lord tells Him and he tests God.
The whole story is right here.

In spite of how Gideon see himself, 
God sees him as a mighty warrior. 
In spite of how I see myself God sees me as a mighty warrior.
His mighty warrior. And you too. 

We can't see ourselves.
We see ourselves through a distorted circus mirror,
and we believe the lies we are told:
from our past, from the world, from people who don't know us,
from people who love us deeply.
They are lies. Lies from the pit.

And our maker, our creator, the lover of our souls,
hides us up in the shadow of his wings
and whispers, "No, no, no. Don't believe the lies."

This is the truth of who you really are in Jesus:

You are my mighty warrior.
You are my masterpiece, my spoken poem.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are loved with an everlasting love.
You are set free from sin and death.
You are my child: chosen, holy, and dearly loved.
You have been redeemed from the pit and 
crowned with love and compassion.
You are my beloved daughter. 
With you I am well pleased.

So, the more I know the truth of who God says I am in Jesus, the more I know me.
The more I know his voice, the better I can discern the truth from the lies.
The more time I spend with him, the quieter the lies become,
 the more real the truth becomes.
Tangible. I can see it and feel it.
It's kind of blowing my mind.

I made a  5 x 7 printable for us to remember who God says we are.
Click here to print it out for you and your neighbor and your mailman.

Put it in you car or window sill, or on the back of your 3 year old's door when
 he won't stay in bed and you want to pull your hair out.

Life is hard, friends. It just is. Even when it isn't, it still is.
He has gone before us and He promises to give us the strength to endure,
 to fight every battle, to accomplish what He has called you to do today.

My prayer for us today is that we would hunger and thirst
to know the truth about who God says we are, and then we would believe it and walk in it.
I pray that His truth would become REAL, not just words, but REAL in our lives.
I pray that we would have the courage and faith to believe who He says we are.
And watch

We believe, Lord, help our unbelief.
Let your holy spirit open up our eyes and hearts and minds to
who you have already made us in Christ.
It is already done. We don't need to do or earn or strive.
It is finished.
I pray that your holy spirit would fill us up with your truth
and give us the mind of Christ to discern the truth from the lies.
Lead us and guide us in your truth and your love.

In Jesus Name,
Amen, sisters. 



He is Risen

I hope you have a fabulous Easter with your friends & family.