Friday, August 30

Sometimes I go Paris.

when I have an overwhelming urge to travel somewhere amazing.
 like say... Paris. (It's all her fault.)
I get on VRBO (I'm staying here.)  and plan my itinerary day by day.


First stop: the flea market. and a complete day of wandering around,
taking pictures, and journaling.


Second stop: the Louvre. to stare at this painting
St Joseph the carpenter, George de la tour
 until I'm crying hot mess.
And then to my favorite museum
It's emotional and amazing.


Third stop: a walking tour of paris street art
and an off the beaten path walking/wandering tour of Montmarte
with stops for crepes and goat cheese salads
and journaling.


Then I would wander around to Latin Quarter
and take a bike tour of Paris at night.
And then I feel like I've been there.
You should try it.

School is back in and I love it. love. it.
the routine.  the schedule.  the time away from the boys. Seriously.
I get time to miss them and appreciate our time together so much more.
I have time to miss my students. I genuinely miss them by the time I'm back at work. 
Full time anything is just so intense. ugh. 
Yes, the beginning is exhausting, getting everything going and all,
It's kind of like going from 1 to 200 in 5 seconds.
But it's exciting and fun, too. And I get to use my brain in a different way.
And the best part? I'm done after 2 or 3 days.
I teach first grade every Monday and Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. 
So Friday comes really fast. 
This is our first day. We got balloons for the kids. So cute.

I think I got as much done in my 2 days off last week as I did all summer long.
Why is it that if I have 12 things on the to do list, and an hour to do them I can get 9 of them done.
But if I have 2 things to do and all week to do them, they rarely get done. hmmm.
I want to make a bunch of these.

And one of these.

And this.


We went to the beach last Sunday afternoon for a couple hours...
with daddy. Disneyland. for free.

speaking of...
I have this overwhelming urge to go to Disneyland. 
I might have to sell my kidney on the black market to do it.:)

Jack with the worst insult he can think of:
Josh, I'm gonna bite your elbow and tear your pant leg!
(step down.)

You guys. Look what I found in Ross.
It stopped me in my tracks.

Remember last November?
When Julie {the one and only!} contacted me about my new line
in the catalog and I replied, "What are you talking about?"
and she said there is work that looks like yours so I contacted the
American Company who bought it from a Chinese company who
blatantly copied it from my little etsy shop?

 {This one is my original which can be found in my shop.}

And I ended up getting royalties from the Chinese company?
Well, I was looking through Ross the other day,
and there it was! What? So weird.
Fun, but weird, too.

Okay, happy hot days. ack.
Let's go to Paris.
See you there.


Monday, August 12

Our summer adventures

All aboard the crazy train.
Otherwise known as August.
 pure & utter crazy month has arrived.
In fact I just realized that we're almost half way through. But don't panic. 
I'm about half a step ahead of it, which is more than I've ever been.
So, I'm kind of impressed with myself right now. 

 Just hanging out with our animals.

 Going peepee on the potty.
Don't get too excited for me. 
I gave up after one day of cleaning up 5 messes. 
I forgot how tough this is. 

 Making playdough cupcakes.

Summer is cruising along at a lovely breakneck speed.
I had all these summer bucket list ideas to preserve my  sanity.
But really, I've found that these ages (2 and 5) are kinda magic.
So please enjoy a lovely photo dump of our summer.
And I don't only take pictures of Josh. Jack is professional picture dodger.
He will have none of it. All summer.

A couple of trips to the beach.

So we are soaking in staying at home.
I figure that I won't be able to get away with this much staying home as they get older. 
But right now they are content (most days) with toys and mom and pb&j and each other. 
Summer list done.

Dressing up. Again and again and again.

The boys are playing together. (whaaa?)
Everyone told me they would, but I didn't really believe them.
Of course they fight a lot more too, 
but they are making up their own games and entertaining each other (???)

Animals in line at the hospital. 
Everyone gets a popsicle.

The Target cart game:
Jack (5): Fifi? Are you there Fifi?
Josh (2): I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! 
Laugh for 5 minutes.
Repeat 75 more times.
Who needs Legoland when you've got a brother?
 Running around the yard with the neighbors.

 Going out to lunch. Wahoo!

 Lots and lots and lots of trains.

Joshy just turned 2 and he kills me.
At least 99 times a day he asks.
"Mama, would you play twains wit me?
Head tilt, batting the eyelashes.
shoot. seriously? There's no way I can say no.

Play time with daddy.

 Our anniversary.

It's been great to have a break but...
I am ready for it. For the craziness.
For the routine and schedule and predictability.
We all thrive on it and we are all ready for it.

 Lots of new doodles and scripture art.

My sous chefs

A week in the mountains.
Such a great break.

It's gonna be a tough transition though. Being away from them.
They are my apendages. I'm never without them.
 And I like these lazy days together. Yes, they drive me crazy,
but I know, even in my insanity, that these days are sweet and hard and precious.

These are the days I hoped and prayed for.
These are the days I know will be gone as soon as I blink.
These are the sweet days I thank God for.

I found this verse. It's what I want for them.
For their love for God to abound more and more.
Not just as a feeling, but in knowledge and wisdom.
How do I even begin?
That's a whole different blog post...

         And this is my prayer:
that your love may abound more and more
in knowledge and depth of insight,
so that you may be able to discern what is best
and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ,    

   filled with the fruit of righteousness that 

comes through Jesus Christ--

to the glory and praise of God.   

Philippians 1 :9-11


Saturday, August 10

Savoring the last moments of summer

Hi Friends,

I hope you are savoring these last weeks of summer like we are.
I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get back to school.
back to to routine and schedule and predictabiltiy.
Just ready.

Every time I sit down to blog about our summer adventures and art
 I either fall asleep (most of the time)
or get distracted. But mostly I just fall asleep.

I have been doing some painting.
More hearts and quotes.
I'll be adding them to the shop pretty soon.

Savor these last moments of summer.