Friday, May 30

May Stone Collective

The Stone Collective is a community making much of Jesus as we create art,
 photography, prose, poems or music that commemorate the wonderful things God does in our life. 
Based on the passage in 1 Samuel 7:12-14, each month we will collect Ebenezer Stones as a regular 
practice in the art of worship via our creativity. Want to join in on The Stone Collective? 
Create your own Stone and link up to LIVE IT OUT! Blog. #TheStoneCollective

This month: I'm so thankful for home.
Not a place, but my peeps.
The fires this month put things into perspective
and I've been saying prayers of thanks ever since.

All of the silly things I get caught up on, or annoyed by;
that seem like problems. None of it matters.
God has given us each other and we here living life together every day
and some days we drive each other completely crazy,
and I'm thankful for every minute of this life together.

God give us eyes to see what is real.
Give us eyes to see what is eternal.
Soften our heart and change us and mold us and 
lead us where you want us to go. 
Lead us into the abundant life that 
can only be found in you.


Tuesday, May 20

Real Life Fires: We are Home!

We are so happy to be home.
Seriously. happy.
So happy that I made this. 

We got home yesterday and stayed home all day
 enjoying each other and enjoying being here.
and these boys are home bodies,
so they love to putter and play
and hang out in their undies.

I've been overwhelmed with thankfulness ever since.
And pretty much amazement at how the Lord
always, always, always provides. Always.

So here's our fire story:
I went to pick the boys up from gymnastics after work on Wednesday.
As I drove down the hill on Twin Oaks there was a huge fire on the hill
right beside the road, behind the college.
The firefighters hadn't even gotten there yet.

I grabbed the kids from gymnastics and we were headed into the neighborhood
to grab a couple of things, when the hill across the street,
behind my parents house caught fire.
It looked like this:

An enormous cloud of black.
So I turned around and headed over to my brother's house,
about a mile in the other direction.
We waited. and waited. and watched the news and waited some more.
Finally we took the kids to Darryl's parents house and we came home to sleep.
We thought we were fine because the fire was blowing away from us.

Friday morning I went to the post office in my flipflops and Darryl went to pick up the kids.
When I came home, everything was evacuated. Completely closed off.
Main roads. Side roads. Everything.
No going in. Only coming out.
We were bafffled.

I went to Target and grabbed some bathing suits and toothbrushes.
My dad found a hotel for us about 30 minutes away. I met Darryl and the kids there.
It was weird. The whole thing was so weird.
We tried to kill time by swimming in the pool and
exploring the hotel and going out for pizza.
Of course the kids were in heaven because they got to stay a hotel,
but the waiting and not knowing when we could get home was hard.

Finally, finally after dinner we found out that the evacuation was lifted.
We wanted to go home, but the kids had their heart set on sleeping there,
and they were exhausted, so we stayed the night.
We got home Saturday morning.
And can I just say?...

I love home.
Want some mustard on that hot dog? 


Tuesday, May 13

More Abstract Mixed Media Collage...

Here's a little more abstraction for you.
It's completely different for me. 
I kind of like it.
It's called Happiness
or Orange Bouncy Ball on the Loose.
Can't decide.

Happiness Together

Happiness 1

Happiness 2


Saturday, May 10

Something Different : Abstract Mixed Media Paintings


I'm painting again. It feels so good. 
Sometimes I just can't bring myself to paint. Anything.
Some days it feels like picking up my minivan would be easier 
than picking up a paint brush. 
I just don't want to. And I dig my heels in. 
And I say no to my painting self, until it passes and I'm painting again. 

Then the floodgates open up and I can barely contain myself.
After this long dry spell I have about 25 series of paintings I want to create.
They come gushing out. They fill my mind and my heart. 
And everything around me inspires me to paint.
The composition of my dirty tile in my kitchen next to my cold coffee cup.
The shape of my water heater and the way the old pipes twist around it.
The texture of the paint peeling off my fence and 
the color combinations on the logo of the soap dispenser.

It feels out of my control.
And it's hard to do anything else. 
I should be sweeping floors and folding laundry
and I'm stuck in a daze of textures and shapes and colors 
and longing. 
Longing for time to splash paint onto paper and see what happens. 
And I know I need to seize it, because it will eventually pass,
as the ebb and flow of inspiration always does. 
But I also need to make lunches and 
play with my kids and shower and get dressed.
And drink something besides coffee. 

These are my latest.
Abstract. I know.
I let myself play and this is what I came up with.
And I kind of love it. 

Enormity 1

Enormity 2


Friday, May 9

Sunday School Mural: Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go...

My church asked me to paint a mural in the two's room over spring break.
I haven't attempted to paint one in so long, so I was really nervous to start. 
Worst case: Paint over it. 
It ended up being really fun. I got to paint all morning for 
about a week over spring break while Josh played in the room.
He adopted a baby and named her Baby Chirp Chirp, of course.

First I made a sketch after talking to our children's director about what she wanted.

Then I came in and started.
I painted the whole picture with gesso first,
since the teal was so dark.
I wanted the colors to pop.

I have to admit,I had no idea what I was doing
or what it would end up looking like, 
or if it would even turn out. Thinking about the whole thing overwhelmed me.
So I just took baby steps forward. One by one.
A little gesso. 
A little paint. 
A little more paint. 
A little more detail.

Next step: color!

Next step: More color & add a little brown to the fence:

Next Step: Add some grass and detail.

Next up:

Add some critters:
birds, bees, ladybugs, caterpillars, and snails

Then I added this verse:

And finally, after a week... it is finished!