Wednesday, December 30

Faith Art Friday in 2016

For our new friends who have recently joined, start here.

Last summer Melissa and I started a free Faith Art Journaling Workshop we called Journaling by Heart. Each week we took turns meeting on our blogs to provide a tutorial and an assignment. Then our members (that's you) met us here in the closed Facebook Group to share your creations, your art, your faith and your heart. Even more than that, you showed up to encourage and cheer for each other. 

It is a beautiful thing. It's exactly what we were hoping for and praying for. 
The theme of our workshop was grace. That we might know the grace that Jesus has for us, that we would give ourselves that grace and extend that grace to each other.

Monday, December 28

What's on my Kitchen Table + a simple way to display your 2016 Scripture Art Calendar

I love this week between Christmas and New Year's.
I feel like it's a a free ticket to get cozy and drink too much coffee and snuggle up by the fire
and let my boys play video games while I paint and paint and paint. 
{Please overlook the run-on sentences. I'm on break.}

I've been kind of obsessed with black ink lately. Doodling and drawing and writing with it. 
This is what my kitchen table looks like right now. Bliss.