Sunday, May 29

Scripture Sunday *Free* Printable: You are God's masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10

You are God's masterpiece.
He has created you anew in Christ Jesus 
so that you can do the good things
that He planned for you long ago.

Ephesians 2:10

This is one of my favorite verses. I talked about it here.
It is a daily reminder of who I am.
The lesson I keep learning and relearning:

You do you.

Stay in your lane.

Put your blinders on and keep your eyes on Him.

I get in trouble when I start looking around, thinking I need to do 
what she is doing, or that person over there is doing, 
when really, God created me to do the good things
that He planned for me to do.

He thought about me. 
He created me.
He planned good things for me to do.

I need to stop looking around, 
and simply look up to God, 
and look down to do those good things.
Whether it's making art or dishes or playing transformers on the floor.

There are good things that He created only me to do,
that only I can do.
When I'm doing that, 
I am exactly where I need to be. 

What if we all really believed this verse?
My prayer is that we will, you + me, 
I think it will change the way we live and love each other,
and it will change the way we see each other,
how we spend our time each day, 
as our days turn into years, and years turn into lives. 

I made this free printable for us, and our families
Print it & put it up & give it away.

Tuesday, May 24

Introducing the {Who I Am In Christ Collection} and a flash sale!

Introducing the 

I'm so happy to finally share my new {Who I Am In Christ} collection with you. 
I've had this idea in my mind for at least a year, maybe longer, 
and it's finally, finally finished and ready to be seen.

I was inspired, once again, by my two wild boys {now almost 5 and almost 8},
to create beautiful, yet masculine + meaningful 
art that they can grow into.

I want them to have scripture on their walls that 
reminds them of the truth about who they really are and
I don't want redecorate every two years as their interests change.
I love the way this collection turned out because I feel like it would 
fit in a nursery or in a dorm room, or anything in between.

I was thinking and praying about what I want them to know; 

about the truth I want them to carry around in their hearts 
as they grow into men, and I came to this conclusion:

I want them to know who they are and who they belong to.
Not what the world says about them, or what others may say, 
or what they think about themselves, but the truth of who God says they are. 
I pray that God's truth would be so firmly planted in their minds and hearts, 
that when they are out in the world and they forget, or they don't feel all the feelings,
they would know and remember the truth of who God says they are: 

God's masterpiece, 
His special possession,
chosen, holy and dearly loved.

And quite honestly, I need minute by minute reminders of 
who I am and who I belong to, myself. Don't we all?

Prints come in 5x7, 8x10, 11 x 14.

You can save by buying prints in sets here:

You can also customize your colors
to fit your look and style.

I hope you love them! I feel so nervous about sending them out into the world, but it is way beyond time.

***Also, I've been working hard behind the scenes
to update my downloads page so that it will be easier to navigate. I am {finally!} almost finished. 
Downloads will be available on the blog Friday.***