Wednesday, October 28

A baby and his banana

Oh, how I love Halloween! And yes, that's me. I'm the banana.
Okay, I have to admit. One of the reasons I wanted to procreate was to have an excuse to have a big plastic bin labeled "dress up" in my garage and to use it often. Anyone in need of a banana suit?

Today was a total turning point in our monkey training. So, ever since we got this monkey his costume, the day Target put them on the shelves, we've gone through rigorous training. Really. Me, my husband, my mom,& my dad have been been jumping around like monkeys for way too long.

And today was a total turning point for us. All of our hard work paid off. Someone call Oprah. I have a gifted monkey on my hands here folks...

I know this picture is blurry, but I love his expression here. So, today when he put the monkey suit on he was so tickled with himself, he started running (running) around the house giggling, with his hands in his armpits like a chicken. Classic. Then I took him upstairs to get a good full length look at himself and he did his wholechicken/monkeyroutine again, just giggling. So pleased with himself.I can't even stand the cuteness...


  1. Oh my gosh!! You are both so cute!
    Just want to squeeze that little monkey.
    My grandson, just one in Sept is a little dragon.
    I love the plush costums!!

  2. total cuteness indeed! i love how ya'll dressed 'together'! :)

  3. You have come up with some fun costumes too!!