Monday, November 30

Back to where I began...

I started painting again, after an 11 year hiatus, about a year and a half ago and I feel like I've been set free. Let me explain.

I've always had a needto be creativein college I took classes and painted for fun and I always imagined that, as a teacher, I would have hours and hours of free time to paint to my heart's content... as you can imagine... I never painted again until

a year and a half ago. I was eight months pregnant and looking for artwork for our baby boy's nursery on a super tight budget. I couldn't find anything. anything.I wanted cute. inspiring.

so finally, after looking around, I said, "Really? I can make something for this baby."

So I started painting and I literally have not stopped. I felt so free + at home. so comfortable, so me. It just felt so right to be painting again that I kept on painting and painting and painting. i started painting for friend's kids and then for myself. So here are just a few of the children's paintings I've been working on. I have about 1,000 more ideas in my head, but so little time!

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  1. Erin these are perfect gifts for a child's room. I love that their names are on them. Just think how special the child will feel when they are old enough to recognize their name.

    I am glad you are painting again!