Monday, November 2

The power of art.

Wow. I can't even tell you how encouraged and inspired... and well rested... I am. We had such a fabluous time at the street fair. Better than fabulous. We got to meet so many dear, sweet, encouraging, people. That's my favorite part. It just reminds my imporatnant, no essential, art is to life. like bread, no pedicures... Being connected to strangers through art, and all of the sudden these strangers become dear friends... all because of some images paint and paper, but really it's my heart and soul on display. So when people respond to it, it's like... I can't even describe it...

I am so grateful to the kind souls I met & connected with at the street fair.

thank you. thank. thank you.

It is always surprisingly emotional and wonderful.

So, my new collages are coming! As soon as this baby goes down for a nap, I'll get them up on my ETSY site... We'vegot abotu 4 hours to go!

Be the change you wish to see inthe world today! (Ghandi)

New Collages coming soon!


  1. your work is so full of color and energy - it really comes through in these photos and your show banner!

  2. i am so inspired by your art...thank you for letting us enjoy it. i saw your things in somerset studio and right now i am trying your technique.