Sunday, March 14

7 days until artfest.

7 days until artfest in Port Townsend, Washington
I feel like this could be life changing. really.

This is a gift from the Lord.
I see this picture of God's giant hands reaching
down with this humongous gift for me.
My name is on it.
He just really knows what I need.
what my soul is thirsty for.
and he provides for me.
He says,
"Here Erin."
Have fun.
Live life.
Shine, like I created you to do.

So, my dear friend Kristi hounded me to go to this women's retreat for forever
and I was skeptical. I gave her the wholoe gamut of reasons why I couldn't.
and finally I gave in and went.
and, of course, it was exactly what I needed.
once again...

something hit me this weekend.
the speaker talked about eve.
doubting God's goodness.
his faithfulness.
like God was holding out on her.
like he was keeping all these good things from her.
so she had to go grab them herself.
And I felt like she was talking about me.

1 comment:

  1. I do the same thing!! I am leaning into really knowing God is for me! God wants my best! He is not holding out!! It is not easy un-doing all the old tapes in our heads and hearts!!

    Erin have a wonderful, wonderful, time. I will be waiting expectantly to see what God does!!