Tuesday, March 30

Luscious trades & a giveaway!

So, when you go to art fest people make hundreds of artish stuff to trade for other random artish stuff and everyone gets free stuff all over the place. This one was one of my favorites made by her.

Here are some of the delicious trades I got from artfest.
So, a trade can be anything. really, anything. from a piece of fabric to a paper mache heart on a wire to a poker chip. really. anything.

And what is better than getting free stuff... um. nothing, of course.

So, in the spirit of trades + free stuff fun, I'm having my first ever giveaway on my blog. You will win a matted, archival quality 8x10 print of yoru choice from my etsy shop right here. You win. You pick.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the best thing you've ever gotten for free. That's it. I'll pick a winner on Friday, so hurry up and comment already. Art is at stake here.


  1. Hi Erin! Of course it's OK that you posted my pin... I'm SO very honored! Truly glad that we met and had a class together. BTW-I was completly star struck by Karen too and was so thrilled to find out that she's just like the rest of us.

    Can't wait to keep up with your blog and what you're doing. I'm a fan!!!

    OH, and because you're right - free stuff rocks - I'll sign up for your giveaway too! The best thing I've ever gotten for free...Artfest trades, of course (thank you again for the adorable card!), but also hugs from my almost 2 year old daughter. Perhaps those are really stolen though... I take em whenever I can get em!

  2. Hi Erin! I´m so glad I met you! You´re so sweet and wonderful, and you´re a great late-night-journal-friend :-)
    I won a trip to Denmark once... but I think the best thing I´ve gotten for free is friendship. You can´t buy love, and that is true. You can never force anyone to be a true friend. So whenever I do meet some wonderful person that wants to be my friend, I´ve hit the jack-pot! That is my favorite part of Artfest, meeting friends I didn´t know yet :-)

  3. So many things I have gotten. I consider them treasures. I have a trunk in my room that has a american flag on it. A friend painted it for me when we were in Germany. I love it because I know someone took there time to make it for me

  4. Hey Girl!!! So glad I met you at ARTFEST, how much fun was that!? I can't wait for next year already! Start saving now- cause you better be there for some more late night journaling :) Too bad you don't live in the Pac NW- cause we'd be able to get our little guys together and craft! keep in touch...xo Tyler

  5. I love your artwork! So cool. The best thing or things I have been getting for free are these hair clips my friend makes! She does a great job! (

  6. I am pretty simple. A Starbucks gift card. Their coffee always tastes better when it's free, and it makes a trip to Target even more enjoyable.....if that's possible. :)

  7. :o) Well I feel so lucky I got 2 of your trades for 1 of mine (plaster heart on wire) :o) THX!! I think the best thing Ive gotten for free is wisdom from living a life that hasn't always been easy, and's amazing what a big smile can bring out even in a stranger.Speaking of love, LOVE your houses. Hope we can stay in touch over the year so we can meet up as friends next artfest :o) Tammy McGee

  8. Hi Tammy, It was so great to meet you + see your art work + get a heart.I love your little hearts. Did you see your heart on Misty's blog? You really need to send those into Somerset for Vday. Mine is hanging in my studio.So greatto meet you!

  9. hi tammy - what a difficult question! a beautiful painting from my friend?... another friend's favourite cardigan?... a cherished silver ring...a stranger from a scrapping forum sending me 8 layouts for my sons birth... i've been blessed by material things, it's true, but i have to say that standing out beyond all thos things is a sweet warm kiss from my three year old son - his hands on my cheeks saying "I huv you mum" hands down :)
    x donna