Saturday, April 10

mixed media collage... unfinished.

The good news: I'm a great starter. a dreamer. a visionary, if you will.
The bad news: Not so great on the follow through. If you know me, this is putting it mildly.

I have 17 started, unfinished projects. 17. My studio is filled with them. Does anyone else have this problem?

Can I blame it on genetics, or just total lack of discipline?

Here's what I'm working on...

This commissioned piece with her sister's original poetry as the text. So sweet. and...
FINISHED. yay me.

Part ofthe series I startedwith the commission. almost done.

another one of the same series. getting there...

same series. a long way to go.

These butterfly collages are for a birthday in February. 2009. yikes.

Artfest epiphany #46: Sometimes your art goes through an ugly awkward puberty stage. work through it.


  1. Hmmm... I wrote a comment and then blogger ate it! Anyway... Hi Erin! So glad to see your works in progress. My theory is that the more projects you have started, the more options you have for creating when you have the time. I had a big revelation a while back that I get an absolute thrill out of starting projects, but not such a great feeling about finishing them. The crazy part is that once I realized that, I started finishing projects left and right! Loved seeing your works in progress... thanks for sharing them and YOU! -Shelly

  2. Yes it does but I love these - keep going. I just posted about a painting that I am sure will take me quite a while to finish, but going public may make me stay on task hopefully. and oh yes I have about 10 unfinished pieces right now. Love to start them and so tough to finish them...

  3. So glad to hear that it's not only me!

  4. Hey girlie!!! I can totally relate to the ideas and not following through!!! I'm sorry we didn't get to say goodbye at Artfest!! Maybe we can get together soon and make some art!!! e-mail me and let me know!!

  5. Erin, Erin, Erin... I have 17 unfinished pieces in knitting alone. I stopped knitting in 1995. Then there are the unfinished projects in jewelry, in painting, in collages, in journals, in costumes, in metal-works, in fixing my home, in sewing, in applique, in embroidery. I must have hundreds of unfinished, barely-started, and slightly-thought-of-projects.
    So apart from me being much worse than you, what is my conclusion? Well, some projects need a resting-time, so that you can see them with "sober" eyes after working intensely with them for a while. This resting-period can vary greatly in length, and sometimes the project changes from the original idea. Other projects will never finish, and I´m not heavily worried about it. In those cases, I will have learned something from the process, and I can either paint all over the canvas to start a new project. It´s all just life in progress, creativity taking it´s place. No worries. Just keep creating.
    Did you count on how many you DID finish? It´s all about the focus :-)

  6. So glad I'm not alone in this, ladies! I feel so known. Thanks for your comments.

  7. I totally understand how you feel.
    I am always in the middle of too many unfinished projects.
    But your art is very very very pretty and peaceful ... and creative!
    And that artist epiphany is wonderful. I have to remember it!

  8. You've had that many epiphanies since Artfest??? My brain must be mush. But I also, like you have many unfinished pieces. I don't even want to count. I agree that it allows for more options when the creative urge spikes, but then why am I always starting something new? Keep on, keep on...