Sunday, April 25

Painting a Mural for the Kindergarten Yard

I fell off the blogging wagon, but I'm climbing back on. I've missed you guys, my blogging family.

Here's where I've been: at my school.
We have a great group of kinder parents at school this year who planned + made a kindergarten garden. When they asked me to help with the murals for the kindergarten yard I was more than happy to. I've never done anything on this huge scale before. I love large. Really large. And it was so fun.

Last Saturday 4 families came + we primed the walls to get ready for the big painting event. We all had a great time.I don't know why, it was just really, really fun.

Especially Jack. Ummm, are you supposed to painting that? I don't think so.

Then I spray painted the outlines for the 2 murals. An ocean on the handball court...

and a garden for our garden.

Yesterday a bunch of our kinder families came out to help paint...

and paint.

There is still a little more to be done + details to be added, but we got most of it done.

And today we're taking a break.
I missed you. I'm happy to be back.


  1. What fun, Erin! Your ideas are great. And how much fun to include other families and the kids. I know I would have absolutely loved getting the chance to paint a wall like this when I was a kid. Hm. Maybe I should have a go at my garage-wall this summer...?? Hmmmm...

  2. What a wonderful, fun idea!!
    The kids, well and adults too, will enjoy it so much!

  3. I thought I left a comment yesterday but guess I missed a step. Love these murals - what a great idea. the school is very blessed!

  4. found you through somerset studio.
    love your art & messages.
    heart & soul candy.
    such sweetness here. x