Tuesday, June 22

Doodles continued...

Thanks so much for all of your encouragement with Boot Camp.
It was fun to take a new direction with my art.

I rarely finish anything, especially in mixed media, so it was really satisfying to start and finish and go on with my day.

Drawing this way feels so much like play. cathartic.

so I've kept on doing it.

plus, I can doodle and watch him do this at the same time.
and he's been doing a lot of this lately.

without waiting until nap time or holing up in my studio at night.

these were actually done last night.

while enjoying my most satisfying guilty pleasure: The Bachelorette.

Love the show. Love Ali.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these next.

Maybe I'll carve stamps like these and these.
I've been wanting to do that for so long.

Maybe I'll stitch them up and add them to a mixed media piece.

Maybe I'll use the Bubble Jet Set that's been in my garage for over a year + sew them on pillows.

Maybe I'll just leave them as art for art sake.

Any ideas?


  1. i absolutely love your style! these flowers are awesome! i love the simplicity of the black and white, making the lines the focus. just awesome! i don't have any great ideas for you...but i love these!

  2. I just caught up on all you did during Creativity Boot Camp, Erin ! Wowza ! You really went for it with your doodle drawings. There are some super ones included here. Wasn't it great to have the motvivation to get something done every day even if it was just a little something ? I am glad I played along too. It feels good to make it "Done !".
    By the way - those drawings would make awesome rubber stamps !
    Doodle on !!!

  3. I love you doodle flowers!! I think they would make great stamps too!!

  4. I was thinking what a shot of B-12 for the soul they would be, along with a big box of crayons or markers, for a sick child who couldn't wallow in the flowers this summer....maybe in hospital.
    There is just so much LIFE in these doodles...they'd feel like a trip to the swimming pool for someone who couldn't go.

  5. I love these flowers and want to frame them and hang them up in one of our rooms. You know I am not an artist but I am an appreciater and these BW's are rad!

  6. hi erin
    i'm so inspired by your style of drawing. i was hoping i could link to you in a post i have planned tomorrow? k?

  7. I would love it if you bundled these and made them available in your shop... They'd make perfect little prints - alone or grouped! They're so fun.

  8. I agree I think your Doodle flowers would make Great stamps! Might be something to consider! Keep up the good work!

  9. I would cover a whole wall in one room witheme