Friday, July 2

New thank you cards

On an unrelated note...
I just found this.
Be inspired and amazed.

Coming back from the printer is the highlight of my life.
It's hard to describe what a thrill it is.

Let me explain.
I spend hours and hours alone in my studio.
then I take it to my printer
and tell him what I want.

and then it always turns out
so beautiful.
so almost exactly like the original.

and they look so professionnal.
it looks like I know what the heck I'm doing.
and it's really satisfying.
that's a perfect word for it.

So here's what I have been creating.
For sale soon in my etsy store.


  1. i have to know more about you! i am seriously blog-crushing on you! every new post has me drooling more!
    do you use a local printer or one online? i must have a go at getting somethign i make printed....

  2. great cards erin! i believe i recognize those places. hey, did y'all ever take that "camping" trip?
    i miss you girl! xo

  3. Beautiful cards, Erin! I recognize the feeling you´re describing.

  4. I'm completely inspired....and longing to do the same some day. I hope a gazillion people recognize the aliveness in these cards and stumble over themselves to purchase them:) They're wonderful in every way!