Monday, August 2

I don't know what happened...

I really didn't mean to do this.
I went to WalMart to grab a few snacks.
And I started thinking about the looming 9 hour journey
across the country with my two year old.

San Diego to Washington D.C. .
Washington D.C. to Hartford.
And I just kept tossing random 
preservative filled
empty calories
in my cart.
This is all about survival.
a mom's gotta do
what a mom's gotta do, right?
So far airplane entertainment includes...
playing cards
and a little DVD player
that my mom bought for us today.
Thank you, mom.
Come on moms, I need your help here.
Any other ideas for what to do with a toddler
on a very long airplane ride?
I'll let you know how we do...


  1. oh, heaven help you! that's a lot of crap. but...crap works with cranky kids, so you should be great!

  2. The necessity of the chocolate covered pretzels are for you, right? I remember years ago taking my 19 month old on a plane, alone. The best thing for her were giant plastic snap beads! And sitting in the roomy front seat of the plane. We had everything spread out, and read books and colored! She learned her colors that day...(This was definitely in the days before DVD's!)

  3. My mommy words of wisdom:

    -no milk while traveling period. it causes a sour tummy and ends with barf, that's in a car or an airplane, trust me on this (I know)
    - foreign toys entertain the best, things he's never seen before, these can be dollar store trinkets, anything that gets unwrapped like a surprise (shoot a roll of scotch tape entertained Jacker's for like an hour last trip we went on)
    -make little man walk everywhere through the airport, wear him out as much as possible before boarding- and board last. Some airports have play areas you can google the ones your traveling to.
    -liquids make sure you have some water/juice in sippy or straw (suction) cup even though your guys not baby stage their ears still bug em' during take off and landing sucking on something or even chewing can help this.

    O.k. that's all that comes to mind right now...Good Luck! xo

  4. So cute! And brings back memories. It seems you forgot the chocolate covered raisins(fruit!). And Milk Duds...(for calming calcium, of course)
    Happy trails,

  5. You gotta do what you gotta do. I have definitely pushed those memories out of my head so don't have any brilliant ideas for you. Have a great trip! Have you seen the art fest lineup - oh my - gotta start saving!

  6. Toys, lots of ones preferably, go for cheap stuff! they like it better! When I traveled with my 3 kids... by my self, laid off the sweets, too much sugar gets them hyper, that includes sweet drinks like juice, too much drink can make their tummy sick too...Good luck and thanks for stopping by! Love your artwork too!

  7. THis made me giggle. Thanks for that! It looks exactly like the way I used to pack for trips with my kidlets!