Monday, October 25

Easy Trick or Treat Bag

This is the easiest little trick-or-treat bag to make.
It's a simple sewing project for kids.
My kindergarteners made them at our Halloween celebration. 
They were a huge hit.  
You will need:
A black canvas bag
($1.00 at Michael's)
A hole punch
Card stock
orange ribbon
green ribbon
scotch tape
white crayon orpiece of chalk
White paint pen or gel pen

Step 1:
Draw your shape on the card stock
(pumpkin, ghost, bat, whatever)
and punch holes along your outline.

Step 2:
Place the card stock, with the holes punched out, 
on top of the bag.
With a white crayon, orpiece of chalk,
draw a line over the holes so that it
leaves a mark on the bag. 

Step 3: 
Punch holes in your bag along the marked outline. 
*Roll the bag over to the hole punch to reach to the bottom. 

Step 4:
Tie an orange ribbon to one of the holes and
"sew" through the holes until you get to the end.
Tie it off at the end. 
*Kids can do this themselves. 
*Put a little piece of scotch tape on the end
of the ribbon to make it easier to thread through the holes. 

Step 5:
 Tie a green ribbon to the top.  
Write your child's name on the ribbon with a white paint pen.


  1. Cute Idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh this is great! I know our 5 and 8 year old could do this (and love it) but I'm gonna let the 3 year old give it a try too! How fun- Thanks for the lovely idea. Have a great day!

  3. Coming over from "Life Made Lovely". Nice project!

  4. Love this! What a cute, simple craft project. Hope you'll pop over to my "Life Made Lovely" entry when you get a moment.

  5. this is so fun! my mind is spinning with all the other shapes i could let my littles create. how cute would they be for gift bags?! so glad you linked up. lovely idea.

  6. This is so adorable!

    This week is my blog anniversary and I'm hosting a week's worth of great giveaways. Feel free to stop by if you'd like!

  7. Great idea! I can picture you working with your students at this! I bet they were thrilled to make something that they can use, too! Thank you for sharing, Erin!