Friday, November 5

Thankful: My Froggy & His Daddy

After taking a little break from blogging,
why is it so hard & intimidating
 to jump back in?!?
I don't know.
It's like getting back in shape. 
Or even getting back in the studio.

It's like there's an invisible wall
that you just have to jump through,
and once you do, you remember
why you did in the first place....

An object in motion tends to stay in motion...
That's my whole point.

So, in this month of Thanksgiving,
and jumping in and staying in,
I want to follow Kathy's lead and
blog every day about stuf f I'm thankful for.

I know it's been done,
but, really, can you ever be thankful enough?
I hope you'll join me...

So I'll start off with a long overdue Halloween thankfulness...
Thankful for our little froggy on Halloween.

And thankful for his daddy.

He doesn't put his guitar down... ever.
Here he is watching himself in the sliding glass door.

Singing Johnny Cash

and swinging with Wonder Woman & a little fairy.


  1. Hi Erin! Oh my goodness, your little Halloween Froggy is cuter than cute! Thank you for the comments, the kindness, and the link! I am grateful for you! You're right, we can never show appreciation enough, so let's go! (I also agree with you on the teacher end of this. In fact, just yesterday I spoke to someone about how I can feel less frustration. My energy is being drained from me, too. With the breakdown of families happening all over, a lot of these kids have bigger issues than I ever did. I am trying to be their guide, their educator, their nurse, their counselor...and still hold onto my own energy. Poor attendance issues even have me constantly calling and trying to make up work with them.) When you feel the most frustration, hug your froggy and that wonderful husband of yours and know that you are doing all you can and that it really IS great, Erin. I admire you and am thinking of you and praying for you. ♥ Love, Kathy

  2. Too cute!! I miss my boys being that ag! My oldest would use my tennis racket and play and sing to Achy Breaky Heart:O)Im thankful for my boys and my hubby:O)

  3. Thanks for stirring
    the gratitude in my heart
    by sharing yours.
    I always love it when
    I see your name pop up
    with another post:)

  4. Well, I´m thankful for our fun time together at Artfest, that I met you, and that I can can follow your art all across the world! :-)
    And about a million other things too. Like having a warm house when it´s snow outside...