Thursday, February 10

In the studio...

First, I just wanted to say how awe inspiring One World, One Heart has been.
It has been so fun to find different blogs & people from all over the world.
It'll take me a while to visit everyone who's visited me, but I'll get there.

In the studio...

I've been so fortunate to be
working on a commission I love.

Commissions can be tricky.
On the one hand I love working with people
to create something so personal and special.
And I can usually see the idea in my brain before I create it.
The tough part is communicating the picture
 in my head to someone else.

In September I created
 these 2 paitings for sweet twin baby girls.

Their auntie contacted me in January
with the best commission ever
for her soon to be born son:
I love your work.
Whatever you do will be great!
Total freedom to create.
So fun.

So these paintings have been in my head for a while
and they immediately popped into my head.

It was so liberating to have the freedom to create these pieces.
To hang on the wall and sink deep into the heart
of a new little creation.

Knowing that he will be reminded of
who he is and how he is loved every single day.
It really is a privilege.
I love it.

Thank you for this opportunity, Ashley.


  1. I Love these. Your scripture art makes my heart sing. Oh, wait, everything you do makes my heart sing. Thanks for the inspiration. In fact, your bicycle paintings in Sommerset Studio last year, are one of the reasons that I paint. I was so inspired and often go back to that magazine for a reminder. I owe you BIG! Thanks again.

  2. Oh my gosh Jolene!!! That is the best compliment I think I've ever gotten. To inspire others is the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement.

  3. Commission work can be difficult, but you are mastering it beautifully. You go, Erin!

  4. Go, Erin, go!!!
    Oh the places you'll go,
    beautiful you:)

  5. Those are beautiful. i agree commissions can be tricky sometimes.
    you did a wonderful blessed job.