Wednesday, February 2

It's a boy!

And did I mention I'm working on
I'm 20 weeks along with our little peanut.
We actually found out a couple weeks ago.
So I'm readjusting my life in my brain...

Saying goodbye to...
rainbow tights
hair clips
nail painting
girl scouts
dance lessons 
shopping days
Saying hello to...
boy scouts
wrestling on the couch
baseball games

I don't want to sound ungrateful.
I really am thankful to be pregnant
with a healthy baby.
that's a lot. I know.
it's just an adjustment
of my life in my brain.

And I have a peace about it now.
I'm excited for Jack to have a buddy.
He'll be such a good big brother.
I'm glad they'll have each other. 

I'm really relieved to keep my studio.
I was ready to move it into the garage.
and I am surprised by what a huge relief it is to keep it
and really make it the space where I want it to be.

 I honestly trust and believe that
God gives us what we need.
And I'm so thankful for that.
That he knows what we need.
And he always provides.
"For my ways are not your ways,
neither are my thoughts your thoughts."

So we are saving up to buy bunkbeds
and quilts and sheets for the boys' room.
 "the boys" I like the sound of it.


  1. I gotta say two boys are wonderful and I sure expected to have a girl sometime. I would have spent a fortune on girly things. but I must say a grand daughter would be nice...

  2. Your wisdom is apparent here. Surrendering is happening.I see it.

    So excited for you and "the boys".


  3. Congrats mama! another baby boy on the way! eeekk, so'll have to shoot me your address so I can send you some baby goodies! xo

  4. Congratulations! I´m so happy for you!
    And I´m happy for you that you´re keeping your creative outlet too. That will make you a happier Mom!

  5. Erin congratulations! Two boys are wonderful. My first two were boys, just two weeks short of two years apart. Then...ten years later...we had a girl!! :) My son that has a boy that was two in September...they are having another boy in May. :)
    The boys, sounds great!!

    Blessings on all!

  6. Boys in pairs are intrepid!
    To always have a brother in your corner
    is strength on steroids....such a gift
    to your little guys
    (and the mommy they'll love dearly)
    Congratulations to you and your
    little band of brothers:)
    Look out, world!!!
    Protection and provision and peace
    to you, Erin,
    (my boys are 18 months apart, now
    22 and 21, and I'm SO glad they had
    and have each other)

  7. Erin, what sweet friends you have! Everyone wrote so many encouraging words to you and truth. These boys are going to be so fortunate to have each other and you never know you might have one more. God's plans are so much greater than our own. Love you Friend

  8. Oh, boys are wonderful. And they can take dance classes as well. i know a lot of boys who do. maybe not ballet, but some other forms for sure!

    But i do understand what you mean, i once imagined the max would be a girl, but alas, a little boy was he!

    Enjoy the journey. I had a difficult pregnancy, so i do love seeing good experiences that encourage me to have another baby! Love your blog!
    Came across it on OWOH!