Wednesday, March 9

Something magical happens this time of year

in a kindergarten classroom.

The kids start getting it.
Like, really getting it.

Light bulbs start going off everywhere. 
They are eager and finally ready to learn.
All of the practice and training and investment
 from August through December
starts to pay off.
And the dividends are huge.

My babies that used to crawl under the table for half the day
are writing letters and words and
putting little thoughts on paper.
And thrilled about what they can do.

They are writing.
They are reading.
They growing up.
No longer babies.
Getting ready for the big kid playground.

And every single year,
right about now,
without fail,
I am amazed by them.

I love how each is similar, but not the same.
These Dr. Seuss portraits were directed drawings.
I draw each part on the white board,
and the class draws theirs.
Kids (and I) are often astounded by
 what they can create when they're given
direct instruction in art. 

I have been buried
under report cards & conferences
for the last couple weeks.
But I'm coming out from under the pile...


  1. My little in in preschool but her class of 8 are all kids who missed the kindergarten cut off. You can see that they are all chomping at the bit to have an AMAZING kindergarten teacher like you! Well done!

  2. so cute. what a great teacher you are. i love when my son brings home his art from school. it is the best!