Sunday, March 13

Becoming a business owner? Part 1

Such a fun weekend with my baby
doing nothing at all.
And everything important.

Taking it easy.
Spending time together.
Reading lots of books.

Mowing the lawn.

Having lots of picnics.

Riding on lawn mowers
in Home Depot.
Does it get any better?

I can almost taste summer.
Working part time again.
Sipping coffee.
Staying in jammies.
Going out to breakfast with Papa.

Taking naps.
Playing with friends.
Being home.

I ache to be home.
With my babies.
I know it's where I need to be.
For a very long time.
Like, for the next 25 years, minimum.

And painting.
 I know I need to be painting.
so I've come to the realization
that I need ot start taking this fun
thing that I love so much,
this art thing,

Start taking myself a little
more seriously.
as an artist.
as a business owner.

weird to say. scary to think.
even more scary to act on and announce.
 but I know where I need to be.
It's here. At home,
making a home
for my little guys.

So it's not about me and my art any more.
It's not about my fears and my doubts
It's about my boys and my husband and my family.
It's about living the life I want to live.
Not really sure how it's all gonna work.
But I know I have to try.


  1. Erin you are following your heart here...and where God is leading at this point in your will accomplish all HE has planned for you...keep your eyes and heart focused on Him.

    I know we have not met in person, but I am proud of you!

    Grace and Peace

  2. Hi Erin! This post is sweet... and wonderful... and exciting. Isn't it amazing the fine line there is between scary and exciting? I live on that line all the time lately.

    Lots of prepping for Artfest going on around here. Will miss seeing you there. I was thinking about all the friends I made there last year and got a little sad thinking that some of those people (like you!) won't be there this year. I'm comforting myself with the idea that there will be new friends to make and connections to find. Will miss you anyway though.

    Hugs, Shelly

  3. I am so excited for you! yes you must try! So very happy for you.

  4. Hi Erin. I really love this post. Your little boy reminds me of my son just a short time ago (he is five now). The tractor, the mower... awhhh, stirs up alot for me. And the business, yes, feels so much for the same for me. being home with my kids, painting etc. I wish you all the best. Looking forward to see how it all goes for you!
    I just saw your exemplar over the weekend! It was great.

  5. Love is such a powerful motivation,
    isn't it; always finds a way.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty
    of your life's a lovely wonder:)

  6. this is an awesome and vulnerable post Erin.
    taking risks is scary. but as long as you're praying about it and you know this is the direction God is leading, you really have nothing to fear. i've been the perfect example of this over and over. many risks, some feeling like they ended in failure, but all of them leading me in the direction i think God wants me heading in. no regrets. love you girl! and proud of you.

  7. My heart is saying the same things! I hope you get to be home soon!