Friday, May 13

Queen Bee Market

 Back to blogging.
I'm in my 34th week of pregnancy &
 body is saying no to my hectic pace.
I've been falling asleep at 6:00,
waking up at 6:00.

But everything is going well,
so I'm thankful and waiting...

I've been so excited to blog about...
the Queen Bee Market
last Friday and Saturday
The madness is over and oh my goodness...

It was so fun.
So many thoughts, and always a learning experience.
I always, always learn something.
lots of things, actually, which I will be sharing with you
over the next few weeks.
First lesson learned: Take more pictures!

Here is how my booth turned out.
There are so many details I'd like to add...
next time, but I just ran out of time.

I had a lot of help:
husband help, friend help, momma help, dad help, momma-in-law help
I'm so thankful for everyone & all of your love & support & help!
I could not have attempted it without every single one of you.

The booths & creativity were amazing.
The atmosphere, so festive & fun,
but the best part about this experience
is always meeting other vendors & customers.
Everyone was so sweet and just excited to be there.
Here are just a few. Next time I will take many more pictures.
Mique & Jess are amazing.
They make me want a sister.
Thank you so much!

So, how have you been, my bloggy friends? I've missed you.
I've spent every waking moment since the market well, asleep.
I'll be around visitign & catching up with you.


  1. Glad it went well for you:O) and the booth setup looks great!! Sleep Sleep!!! Get all the rest you can get:O) Take care:O)

  2. Glad to hear it went well, I was just thinking of you today. I was sharing with my Mom about how I found you on Etsy. I look forward to hearing more about the event and all the creativity that was there.

  3. I´m so glad it all went well. And I am impressed with the energy you have, being that far along pregnant. Your stand looks great, clean and welcoming. The only thing that looks funky, is the carpet ;-)

  4. Your booth looks great! How fun. I want to get myself into a fair/show. Any tips?

    So glad you're doing well! I can't believe you are almost at the end of the pregnancy journey. I'm so excited for you!

  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for the sweet encouragement! I promise to take it easy from now on. Lisa, I have so many tips! I'll be posting in a couple days... xo,e

  6. ADORE the art display you built!
    Oh bravo to you and your bountiful belly:)
    Hope those feet are put up
    and resting pretty plenty now.
    So excited for you to meet
    your new bundle face to face.
    Keep us posted.
    With loving prayers,

  7. Wow! It looks like it went so well! Your booth looks great too. I hope they have another one soon...I would love to come check it out. :) Have a beautiful, restful weekend.

  8. Erin-
    I am SO glad you were able to join us. Your art is amazing. One of the hardest things about the Market is not purchasing something from everyone. ;) But I'm happy to say, I did get some Art by Erin Leigh. Your booth was so well set up, your art inspiring and it was SO fun to see you after all these years. (even if our mom did call you the wrong name) I know it will be crazy with two but we are crossing our fingers to have you back at some point. Just won't be the same without you! Thanks for a great post. xoxo, Mique

  9. Your work and your display is so beautiful and inspiring. Great job!

  10. Oh my goodness, Erin! Your booth looks spectacular! I really, really love it!!! So pulled together looking, inviting... wish I could have seen it in person!

  11. Beautiful job on your display booth, appreciate seeing how you pulled it off. Glad it went well