Monday, May 2

Tuesday: Playing in the studio, Queen Bee, and Orphan News

Today's randomness...

I've been playing in the studio

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here.

Mostly playing with texture & color.

I'm having fun, can you tell?


the Queen Bee Market

I'm getting ready for the Queen Bee Market
***next weekend***

I ordered my new business cards too late,
so I'm making my own...
business cards
bio cards
pricing &
vendor labels...

I need to spend some quality time at Kinko's.

I picked a bunch of prints & cards up from the printer yesterday.
It's like Christmas when I do.
I love to see how they turn out.

 Now I just need to package & label them.

And finish my shelving,
but that's for tomorrow night.
If you live in the San Diego area, I'd love to meet you at the market,
next Friday & Saturday, May 7&8.


Help bring orphans home in May!
10% of all May sales to the Sparrow Fund
(This includes all sales from the Queen Bee Market)

 an organization committed to encouraging and supporting these families as they prepare for the adventure of adoption. They do this by providing grants to families in financial need to enroll in programs specifically designed to provide counsel and comprehensive medical reviews of their referred child.

31 shop owners have committed to donating 10% of their May sales to the Sparrow Fund.
Check out the website to find out what other businesses will be contributing.
So exciting to be a part of what God is doing to bring children home to their forever families.


  1. Everything looks wonderful...wishing you much success.

  2. Go Erin go!!!!!
    Beautiful you will shine:)

  3. Oh loving the textures, I'm thinking they are going to be great foundations for what's to come. Great job on your b. cards and the like.

  4. I am so excited to meet you in real life :)

  5. I love your art. I just found you by way of etsy. I wish I could come see you this weekend but I'm up in Sacramento. I'll just have to visit you here on your blog. Best wishes for the weekend!

  6. How did the show go today? Thinking about you and praying for you! And, thanks so much for the shout out! I should have sent you a display board and business cards to pass out for The Sparrow Fund...totally didn't think it until now. Fooey.

  7. It went so well... I think! I had a great time, so I guess that's a huge part of it. So fun to meet & chat with people & see all of the creativity. wow. I know, I thought about having a little sign or somethign for the Sparrow Fund. Next time...

  8. I didn't meet you but I bought 3 prints!! fun stuff!!

  9. this project is just lovely! I am so happy to hear that Queen Bee was a success for you. xoRobin