Saturday, July 30

One of my favorite things this summer...

One of my favorite things in the world is my sketchbook. 
It is such a simple way to infuse creativity into my day to day.

It doesn't require a big commitment of time or space. 
I can toss it in my purse and bring it anywhere.
I can create wherever I am.

In the midst of our mundane routines, 
my sketchbook gives me new eyes to really SEE things in a new way.
It forces me to notice beauty all around me, 
that I never would have seen. 

It allows me to feed my creative self, which makes me really happy.
It makes me a better version of me.

You know how, when you love something so much, 
you just want to tell people about it?
That's how I feel about my sketchbook.

I just published a simple little class to inspire you to open up your 
sketchbook and play and play and play.
I will start you off with really guided lines and patterns,
and then I'll walk you through one of the ways that I create a page in my sketchbook.
And then {hopefully} you'll start playing and you won't be able to stop! 

Here is my trailer. Here it is. 
All out there. I did it. And I'm done. 
And I actually published it HERE.

And I'm kind of really proud of myself {and feeling really embarrassed}
 because I've been wanting to publish a class for over 2 years. 
And it has felt so overwhelming and impossible. 

The video. The editing. The watching my face on a big screen.
Over and over and over. 
The technical minutia that makes my head spin.
But I knew that I wanted to share this with you.
Because it is so fun.  And so simple.
So, I hope you are inspired to open up your sketchbook + play.

***Skillshare is awesome.***

It is only $0.99 for a three month trial 
and $10 a month after that.

You get access hundred of classes: 
crafts & cooking & lettering & art.

Whatever you want to learn, it's there. 

*Full disclosure*
If you sign up through my link I will receive $ and
 retire and live on a yacht in the Mediterranean. 
That's not true.
 If you sign up through my link, I will receive a small portion 
and buy a fancy cup of coffee or 3 extra fine point Sharpies,
which will inspire me to create more and write more blog posts,
 which will inspire you to create more,
 which will make you happy and fill your life with rainbows and unicorns. 
So, you really should use this link, but even if you don't use my link, 
I think you should check out Skillshare because it's kind of my dream come true. 
Done. I promise. 


  1. This class was so much fun! We want more!

  2. Good!!! I'm so glad, Sally! I'm working on more!What else are you interested in?

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  6. Hi! I have downloaded and printed one of your verse printables. So I see your name every day in my kitchen. :) I have 4 daughters. One is Mary Erin (goes by both) and one is Annika Leigh. So, my girls have decided whoever has the first baby, they get to combine them to Erin Leigh. But I do want to thank you for blessing me with your Scripture prints. I will buy your coloring book! I want to support you!

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