Wednesday, January 4

The Art of Grace: Creative Christian Coloring Book to Inspire Your Heart

I'm so excited to share my big news with you! 
It's really been my dream come true, 
and I'm so happy to finally get to share it with you. 
I've been illustrating an adult coloring book full of Bible verses centered around grace.

My coloring book is called The Art of Grace 
and it will be available in Walmart (!) on March 14th! 
But it is available for presale on Amazon 
at a discounted price. 

I get to do this! For real. 
Pretty much, my dream come true. 

Now that it is finally in it's final stages, 
it's weird and wonderful. I can't believe it. 

It was about 1,000 times more work than I ever dreamed. 
I learned Adobe Illustrator. 
I drew and doodled and drew some more.
I stayed up way too late many late nights. 
But now that the book release is almost here, 
it is so worth it. 

When my editor contacted me and asked me if I'd be interested in contributing to a coloring book, back in August, I was (of course) very excited. It has been the busiest time of my entire life. 

In August I went back to work teaching first grade full time for the first time in eight years. This year my baby boy is in kinder and my oldest is in 2nd grade at my school. I am beyond thankful that we get to go to school together. I just feel really fortunate that I get to work full time and be with my kids. 

But when I was asked to illustrate the book, I just had to. 
And I did. We did; my husband, my kids, my mom & dad. Many, many late nights later, we did it! 

Thank you for meeting me here and supporting me. 

I wasn't able to create a calendar this year. I love making a calendar each year. I love having it and giving it away. I haven't completely given up on it, but it may just have to wait until next year. I will let you know if I do, but for now I'm going to sleep for a week... 
after I do report cards!



  1. Congrats Erin!! An accomplishment you should be proud of. I have always loved your artwork. I will have to check it out and from the pics you posted it looks adorable!! Thanks for sharing with us out in cyberland.

    Julie W.

  2. WOW!! Congrats Erin!! You are my hero! Love your designs and pray it will go very well with your coloring book. It is beautiful, love your topic too! "GRACE"

    1. Ha! Thank you for your sweet encouragement, Isabel!

  3. Congratulations! That's wonderful news. I'm so excited for you, and it looks like a great product.

  4. What an accomplishment!! I teach full-time and know how all-consuming it is. Congratulations!! Youre work is always so beautiful and I love that this coloring book is all about grace. I'm pre-ordering right now!!

    1. Thank you for ordering, Kathie! It has been crazy, but in the best possible way.

  5. Hooray! When you are creating, I am inspired! Selfishly, I'm SO happy your dream came true! But truly, Erin, what an accomplishment! He has blessed you! Thank you for sharing your gifts!!

    1. Hi Beth! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for all of your encouragement!!!

    what a amazing thing and what a sweet blessing..thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. I know, crazy, exciting and amazing :) Thanks for celebrating with me!

  7. Wow - Congratulations, I'm so excited for you - and I can't wait to purchase your book!!

  8. Congrats! Going now to check it out. Looks beautiful from this post! .... and thank you for all the work creating it!

  9. They will celebrate Your abundant goodness...Psalm145:7 He is good, isn't He?? Celebrating with you!

    1. He is "exceedingly abundantly beyond all that I ask or can imagine" :) crazy:) Thanks Deb!

  10. I got my book in last week! I haven't had the opportunity to use it because I'm recovering from hand surgery but I love it already! You were one of the very first artists I saw who did mixed media art and I love your style. I have tried to imitate your art (but not very well) - thank you for the inspiration!