Monday, March 29

Artfest 2010

5 days of nonstop making, creating, relating, learning, and more making...
where do I even begin?
the people. the making. the conversations. the setting. pure bliss.

My favorite photo of the trip: a log on the beach filled with rocks. Fort Warden is on the beach. unbelievably beautiful.

Here are the dorms and the campus. It was cold and drizzly, perfect weather for coffee-sipping & art-making.

I met her in Seattle & shared a car to Port Townsend. Complete stranger who became a fast friend. I know I will see her again.
Here we are on the ferry going over to Bainbrige Island.

My first class was making prayer flags with her. I have her books. I love her style. I tried not to be too star struck. She's great + approachable, and guess what... a mere mortal, like a good way.

I took a drawing + collage class from her. I heart her. big time. she is one of the best teachers I've ever had. ever. she helped me think about my work in a completely new way. She has this online class that is on the list...

Stayed up way too late every single night talking + laughing + creating with her and others. i loved this part because I am so used to making alone. isolated & in my zone. so to share this experience with like minded soul sisters was really cool. and pretty hilarious.

And I came home to this guy. yet another shamless pic of the booboo. i can't help it, okay?
here he is watering the orange trees and refusing to wear pants. can you blame him?

if you ever, ever, ever have the chance, just go.
it was life changing... it was a gift to me and I know that one day I will go again...


  1. so glad you went and had an amazing time. wish I had somewhere to go and someone to pay for it:) good job on nuturing your soul.

  2. Yea!! I knew it would be fabulous!!!
    Love the pic of your sweet boy!!

  3. Hi Erin,
    It was so nice to meet you. You know, I've been to your blog before. How funny.

    Wasn't artfest a blast. Are you bursting to create more? My head is so full, but it hasn't trickled down to my hands yet.

    I'm glad you had a nice time. I did too!

  4. Hi sweet Erin! I'm missing you too! Missing good conversations about what we want to we're gonna stand inside of our own dreams!!
    Your pics are great - can't believe you've already got some posted. good girl, following through. Jack looks adorable!