Sunday, June 13

Creativity Boot Camp: Grow

Creativity Boot Camp
Day #5: Grow

So, I really, really wanted to participtae in
Creativity Boot Camp
to get my creative booty into shape.
But it's such a busy
(I hate the word busy)
but it's been a really full time.

The idea behind boot camp is to choose one medium
and create one thing a day within that medium.
And journal too. with words.

So, I'm just going to jump into days 7+8
and glue days 1-6 onto the back end...
if that makes sense.
That's the goal.

Ever since my class with
her at Artfest in March
I've wanted to explore
sharpies + watercolor + watercolor crayons
+ sewing fabric into my art + leaving some white space...
so that's what I'll be posting for the next 30 days or so.


  1. Love the color in the first piece.
    I picked up a copy of Somerset Studio yesterday,
    your pieces look great!!!

  2. The movement in both pieces makes my eyes/heart follow along happily and smile. (And I hate the word "busy" too). Love that you're making spaces for creativity even with your days slam full. Bravo:)

  3. This little lady on the bike is fantastic ! Humour and art go together so well ! :o)