Friday, June 25

Paint with me...

So my doodles have continued...
I can't seem to stop.

I was super excited to see this on Simply Feather
(yep, it's me!)
blog love right back at you heather.

Join me in paint with me...
This week's prompt is three.
hence, the three doodles.

In real life this week,
It was our first full week of summer...
We went to a pirate concert in the park.
Not really what I meant when I wrote this
(concerts in the park)
but it worked for us.

I decided I needed structured grown up conversation time this summer.
so I started my first ever play group.
our first play was yesterday.
and what is more fun than jumping on all of the couch pillows onthe floor?

I think we ate a whole watermelon today.
and some sand.
and we also licked some broccoli.

In the studio I'm working on my Christmas trades for Cloth Paper Scissors.
It's weird to get in Christmas mode in the middle of June,
but i think it's coming together.
Here's what I have so far...


  1. the piggies! you should write a short story about em'! xo

  2. Wow, you´ve got so much going on! The doodles, the birthday-cards and the christmas-cards. It´s fun to see your different sides!