Monday, August 30

Happy Two Years

Today was big.
Jack's 2nd birthday.
It was really low key.
And I was feeling a little sad because
I haven't even been able to even think about it until yesterday.
And I wanted to make a big deal out of it.
Make cute little invitations and decorations.
But it hasjust been a crazy.

No invitations. Just phone calls to family.
We picked up some not-super-cute-but-in-our-$10.00-budget paper goods at WalMart
(That's the "pay off the credit card so I can go part time" budget.)
Hamburgers and hotdogs
the best rice salad ever.
Red velvet cake made by Mimi.
Ice cream.
Love all around.
It was perfect.
And do you think this baby was disappointed
that the Happy Birthday sign didn't match the plates + napkins? 
Doubt it.

Happy birthday sweet Jack William.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Jack!!! Love you little buddy:)

  2. it sounds like the best birthday party ever.
    just my kind of gig.
    what more could you want.
    good job mama.