Monday, September 6

Figuring it out...

I'm still trying to this figure out:
full time work,
making myself get some physical activity,
time to sit and play garage with my toddler,
not falling into depression,
time to takl to my husband, 
making time to create,
making healthy meals for my family,
having some semblance of a quiet time...

Now I realize,
once again, what took me so long
to start creating:
time and space.

I've been working full time since college.
I didn't "have" time.
No. I didn't make time.
Now I realize that I have to make time.
It's not a luxury.
Making has become a necessity.

I know that you know this struggle too,
whether you work outside the home,
or inside, or have kids, or have pets.
I know that this struggle for time
is always the challenge,
I just want to know how you manage?
What do you do to make time where there is none?

These little guys are hanging in Jack's room
and every morning he says,
"Hello little puppies."
He loves them.
I think I'll start painting more of them
because they make me happy.


  1. hmmm... I wish I had some brilliant advice, but I don't. I always seem to feel guilty because I didn't cook or didn't get any exercise or didn't do any art or... the list is endless. I have just started getting back into my art now that the kids are old. Had a very hard time juggling when they were younger - my creativity found its expression in other ways. My boys went hiking Saturday and I got to be creative, but then of course I found myself worrying that I was not getting any exercise. sheesh - told ya! and FYI I did not sign up for art fest this year. feeling bad about that decision too, but that's life. Now I am going to feel good about something! Oh and love the doggies...

  2. I know for me when the boys where younger i incorporated art with projects for there age, its how i kept my art alive for me:O) when i worked fulltime i would do all my cleaning chores as I was getting ready like vacum clean bathrooms make beds start a load and my husband would do the evening chores like trash cook its finding a plan that works for you and making sure that yes you take time for you:O)I hope somr of this helps:O) Love the doggies:O)

  3. I can so relate, Erin.
    It's no magic formula,
    but what seems to make me feel more alive is
    spending more face; spending less money.
    Spending more face....asking for help, saying no, being wildly honest. It does save time...lots and lots of time.
    And spending less money ultimately saves me the fierce need to hurry/rush/work harder to generate more. Especially when I've not promised my money and time away.
    Then I have to grab hold of the grace to laugh and be okay with the imperfect messiness of it all....and take comfort that I'm loved anyway.
    When I relax deep down about that, it helps me
    see my choices more clearly.
    Gosh, didn't mean to ramble on....
    Love the sweet puppies:)