Monday, December 27

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

And it did...

Jack loved the snow.
Loved sledding.
Loved the mountain house.

Getting away &
 being together is always
the best part of the holidays.

Hoping you & your family had a peaceful, fun Christmas.

Tuesday, December 21

Finally Finished!

I finally finished all of my Christmas orders,
packaged them up, and shipped out them just in time.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who ordered art for Christmas.
I'm honestly so filled with gratitude that I get to make art
and that people buy it and are
 so gracious & generous & kind.

Here are 2 commissioned paintings I created for Annamaria.

Thank you, Annamaria!

And one for little Lyla.

I finally mailed our Christmas cards.

And now we are on vacation in the mountains.

This is my very favorite part.

Saturday, December 11

The real meaning of Christmas...

Thank you for all of your sweet thoughts & encouragement
about our new family member.
Just for clarification,
we don't know that it's a girl,
we're just hoping.
I'll let you know!

So, here's another funny story.
Commercial Christmas is all about Santa & Rudolph & presents.
So I really want to make an effort to let
Jack know what Christmas is really about:
the birth of our Savior.

Magellan Traders Nativity Scene from Peru

But I've never done this before with a 2 year old,
and honestly, I feel a little silly.
So in my wisdom I tell Jack,
Baby Jesus is coming on Christmas.
(Which is just so confusing in so many ways.)

Handmade Nativity Set from El Salvador

And how do you think that went over?
considering Jack's love for babies at the moment?

Handmade Felt Nativity Set from Kyrgyzstan

"No Baby Jesus!"
"I do not like Baby Jesus!"
"Make the baby go away!"

I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing.
Way to give him a solid spirittual foundation.:)
Handmade Folk Art Nativity Scene from Bangledesh

So my new strategy is to order this:

Melissa & Doug Nativity Set

and these

and not to mention baby and Jesus
 in the same sentence again for a while.
Any other suggestions from those of you with little ones?

Handmade Nativity Set from Indonesia

I love all of these Nativity Sets from around the world.
I've decided to get one each year.
My problem is, I can't choose just one.

Sunday, December 5

Big news!

I have been absent from blogging,
 pretty much since I went back to work full time,
but lately I have had  good reason...

Here she is. Meet our little snowman.
I'm 11 weeks pregnant!
I'm due on June 23.
Of course, we are thrilled over here.
 Excited beyond words.
Um, let me rephrase, Darryl & I are thrilled.
Jack is not.
Jack totally gets it, and he wants no part of it.
This is his typical reaction....

He's so sincere.
It's really hard not to laugh.
Things are going to change around here...

I am asleep by 7:00 pm just about every single night.
Hopefully I will get some energy back in my 2nd trimester.