Saturday, December 11

The real meaning of Christmas...

Thank you for all of your sweet thoughts & encouragement
about our new family member.
Just for clarification,
we don't know that it's a girl,
we're just hoping.
I'll let you know!

So, here's another funny story.
Commercial Christmas is all about Santa & Rudolph & presents.
So I really want to make an effort to let
Jack know what Christmas is really about:
the birth of our Savior.

Magellan Traders Nativity Scene from Peru

But I've never done this before with a 2 year old,
and honestly, I feel a little silly.
So in my wisdom I tell Jack,
Baby Jesus is coming on Christmas.
(Which is just so confusing in so many ways.)

Handmade Nativity Set from El Salvador

And how do you think that went over?
considering Jack's love for babies at the moment?

Handmade Felt Nativity Set from Kyrgyzstan

"No Baby Jesus!"
"I do not like Baby Jesus!"
"Make the baby go away!"

I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing.
Way to give him a solid spirittual foundation.:)
Handmade Folk Art Nativity Scene from Bangledesh

So my new strategy is to order this:

Melissa & Doug Nativity Set

and these

and not to mention baby and Jesus
 in the same sentence again for a while.
Any other suggestions from those of you with little ones?

Handmade Nativity Set from Indonesia

I love all of these Nativity Sets from around the world.
I've decided to get one each year.
My problem is, I can't choose just one.


  1. Erin,
    Loved this post. You have got to check out this family. The father has been helping very poor artisans all around the world sell their nativities and earn micro-credits. They are amazing! When you buy one from them, their daughter hand writes you a little thank you note. Their entire family is involved in helping the poorest of the poor. I think you would love their story. Check it out here:

  2. "Who is coming to our House?"
    -my daughter's all time favorite.
    I think you can relax about giving
    your little guy a good spiritual foundation
    -he'll absorb more from you
    and your relationship with the Father
    than he would ever get from a lesson
    or story
    right now.
    He is feeling Christmas
    in you.
    Give yourself over to the wonder
    and love
    and he'll be primed and ready
    for it too:)

  3. Wonderful post, Erin. You are so sweet. Have you hear about the book for children about Filling Up Your Bucket? I have just heard about it myself and want to order a couple of them. I have to search barnes & it teaches children to be kind and giving, in order to fill others' "buckets", instead of being a dipper. I love this concrete idea for children in a world where I find a lot of rocky families and more SELF-ish children...Any time that people everywhere can learn to look outside themselves, has got to be good, right?

  4. I love Creches! I have several and love the idea of yours about getting a new one every year.
    I was in Montreal a few years ago and there was a fabulous display of creches from around the world at St. Joseph's Oratory - hundreds of them! I could have spent all day! You would have loved it!

  5. Ha ha you gave me a much needed laugh. All will be well. You will eventually chuckle about this someday. I have so many nativities and not enough space to put them all out. In my favorite one baby Jesus is wearing pink... interesting. What I remember best when the kids were little is that every day they would be rearranged and there was always a fun story to go along with the redecorating.

  6. A Happy Birthday Jesus party is what we do on Christmas Eve. Cake and all. That really helps I think to clear things up... Aren't they so fun!!

  7. hi erin! and congratulations!!!! i'm slow to catch up on blogs these days but i am so very happy for you and your family, sweet news at this time.
    when i was little, baby jesus was hidden from the nativity until late christmas eve, and then one of us little ones got to place him in the manger. i carried on the same tradition with my little man, and i still to this day don't have any baby jesus' in the manger until christmas eve. wishing you a season filled with wonder and peace...and good nights sleep in this first trimester!