Tuesday, May 24


1. I am counting the minutes until Jack goes to bed so that I can sleep.

2. I've let him watch way too much tv and eat way too many hot dogs.
I don't care.

3. I haven't taken one picture of Jack in May.
Not one.

3. I'm frustrated by the things I can't do.
I need to give in. To surrender to the  fatigue.
To slow down.

4. There will be a time for art.
A time for creating.
A time for full speed ahead.
Now is not that time.
Get over it.

5. There is reason why young people have babies.
I've never felt so old.

6. The house and the laundry will always need cleaning.

7. What I have right now is what I dreamed of and prayed for:
my husband, my babies, my family.

8. I will get my body back to myself soon.
I can't wait.

9. I can't wait to have a glass of wine.

10. I'm afraid I might never sleep again.
At least not for a year.

Kindergarten Conversations:

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
This is after we've learned about farm animals & life cycles
& I am super pregnant.

Emily: So how is the baby born?
Like really born.

Me: It grows in your tummy and it just comes out when it is ready.

Emily: No, no, no. I mean how?
How does it come out?

Me: Nature is so amazing. Our bodies are just made for the baby to come out.

(Meanwhile Ryan is rolling his eyes. He totally gets it.)
Emily continues to ask and ask.
Ryan gets so fed up he finally blurts out:

It comes out of your privates Emily! Duh.

Emily: Ooo. Gross. Really?

Me: Talk to your parents about this.
They know a lot.

I love kinder.


  1. Love this post :) I relate on many of your confessions, even though I'm not pregnant.

    Sending you a big hug tonight.

  2. Lol Love hte kinder conversations!!!!:O)I too can relate to your confessions:O)During my pregnancies I would literally fall asleep at the dinner table:O) I still do:O) Have a great week Hugs Isabel~

  3. That is the best post! I've been prego, have a kindergartener, and taugjt first I know what you mean. :) xoxo

  4. I swear I put myself on self-imposed bedrest just about the minute I got pregnant with Harper. I'm still recovering :) Get all the rest you can!!! Hugs! -Shelly (not anonymous, but google doesn't like me today)

  5. boy can I relate! I just blogged about something similar the other day--the need to "be present" and get focused on what's really important. It's so hard, isn't it?? It does get better, though... and truly, there will be a time to create and make art! :) (This is me pumping us both up here!!)

  6. You are so beautiful, Erin:):):)
    Huge grace surround and support
    you with gentle days
    and miraculous sleep,
    I pray:)
    Sweet peace to you, Erin,

  7. It was SO WONDERFUL to read your post! I truly relate. It was so good to hear a fellow momma/artist confess the truth about how hard it is sometimes. I feel that we're all just juggling things the best we can and that, no matter how hard we try, all the balls can't be the highest in the air at one time. Thank goodness for coffee, two kids napping at the same time and dvr.